Veterans In Politics and Canyon Springs High present 1st annual ‘Meet Your Clark County District Court Judges’

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Veterans In Politics and Canyon Springs High present 1st annual ‘Meet Your Clark County District Court Judges’


Clark County, Nevada Veterans In Politics International, Inc. and Canyon Springs High School and the Leadership and Law Preparatory Academy proudly present the 1st annual ‘Meet & Greet Your Clark County District Court Judges’ on Saturday – August 17, 2013 from 9am-1pm PT at Canyon Springs High School.  Canyon Springs High School is located at 350 East Alexander Road, North Las Vegas, Nevada 89032.  The purpose of this event is to promote voter education about the Clark County 2014 General Election and is crucial in training our future leaders, improving access to justice, and promoting transparency of our judicial system. 


Students from Canyon Springs High School will be presented with the opportunity to participate in the ‘Shadow a Judge for a Day Program’.  This program enables students to spend a day with a judge and develop a better understanding of how courtrooms function.  Participating judges represent Dpt. s including civil, criminal, and family.  Students are encouraged to share their experiences at the event.  Moderators will give each Judge an opportunity to introduce themselves and share their background.


This spectacular event will be moderated by two outstanding leaders in our community: Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson and Clark County Public Defender Phil Kohn (see commercial:



The Eighth Judicial District Court is served by 52 elected judges. There are 32 civil/criminal judicial departments and 20 family/juvenile judicial departments. 

36 District Court Judge has confirmed their attendance. 23 civil/criminal judicial departments and 13 family/juvenile judicial departments for the “First Annual Meet and Greet your Clark County District Court Judge.

Civil/Criminal Division Judges

Dept. Judge

I           Kenneth C. Cory
II          Valorie J. Vega
IV        Kerry Earley
V         Carolyn Ellsworth
VI        Elissa Cadish 
VIII      Douglas E. Smith
XII       Michelle Leavitt
XIII      Mark R. Denton
XIV      Adriana Escobar
XV       Abbi Silver
XVI      Timothy Williams
XVII     Michael Villani 
XVIII    David Barker 
XX       Jerome T. Tao
XXI      Valerie Adair
XXII     Susan Johnson 
XXIII    Stefany A. Miley
XXVI   Gloria J. Sturman
XXVII Nancy L. Allf

XXVIII Ronald J. Israel
XXX    Jerry A. Wiese
XXXI   Joanna S. Kishner
XXXII Rob Bare

Family Division Judges

Dept. Judge

F          William Gonzalez
G         Cynthia Dianne Steel
H         T. Arthur Ritchie, Jr.
I           Cheryl B. Moss
J          Kenneth E. Pollock
K         Cynthia N. Giuliani
L          Jennifer Elliott
M         Bill Potter 
O         Frank P. Sullivan

P         Sandra L. Pomrenze

Q         Bryce C. Duckworth
R         Bill Henderson
S         Vincent Ochoa


Additional Judges will be announced as their participation is confirmed.  The Moderator and Judge lineups are subject to change without notice.




School Participation In the “Shadow a Judge Program”


If your school would like to participate in the “Shadow a Judge Program contact Karen Steelmon, Auxiliary Director  of Veterans In Politics International by calling (702) 238-5134 or send an e-mail to and she will provide you with the Judges contact information.



Our Sponsors:

Attorney Craig Mueller

Attorney Richard Scotti

Attorney Andre Lagomarsino

Brooks Brothers Bail Bonds

Clark County District Court Judge James Bixler

Clark County District Judge Gloria O’Malley

Cohen & Padda Attorney at Law

Nevada Judicial Watch

Real Water

Ron Q. Foundation





Invocation will be presented by Pastor Michael Haynes; Nellis Air Force Honor Guard will present the colors; Former Miss. Nevada Alan Lee will sing the National Anthem. North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee, Clark County School Board Trustee Linda Young, and Canyon Springs Principal Ron Guerzon will welcome you.




                        Veterans In Politics International


This mission of Veterans In Politics International, Inc. is to educate, organize, and awaken our veterans and their families to select, support and intelligently vote for those candidates whom would help create a better world, to protect ourselves from our own government(s) in a culture of corruption, and to be the political voice for those in other groups who do not have one. 







Canyon Springs High School and the Leadership and Law Preparatory Academy


The mission of Canyon Springs High School and the Leadership and Law Preparatory Academy is to prepare students for success beyond graduation.  This will be realized by providing a varied learning environment that prepares students to lead, participate, and contribute in a rapidly changing global society. 







Endeavor Media Group


Endeavor Media Group (EMG) is an independent and full service public relations agency that focuses on arts and entertainment, politics and sports. Headquarters are based in Las Vegas, Nevada and a satellite office is maintained in Los Angeles. Since 2011 EMG has connected its clients with their target markets nationwide through movies, television, radio, publications, blogs, mobile, events, signage and placements.


For sponsorships, media interviews, and to host these events at your school call (702) 305-0973 or send an e-mail to   Follow online at,


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                                  Endeavor Media Group

c/o: Andre’ Haynes, Principal

                                                                                                                            Phone: 702-305-0973







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