“Open to the Public: Nevada State Senate, Assembly and Clark County Commission Endorsement Interviews 2016”

“Open to the Public: Nevada State Senate, Assembly and Clark County Commission Endorsement Interviews 2016”
“If you can’t handle our line of questions, then you should not be in public office”
Clark County, Nevada

(VIPI) Veterans In Politics International, we will conduct our Endorsement Interviews for the Nevada State Senate, State Assembly and Clark County Board of County Commissioners at Rhythm Kitchen Restaurant
http://www.rhythmkitchenlv.com/ on Saturday, April 9, 2016 and Sunday, April 10, 2016.

Located at: 6435 South Decatur Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89118/ On the Second Floor in the Banquette Room/Between Russell Road and the 215 Freeway (South)/ (702) 767-8438.

There is a bar and restaurant on the premises. After each interview day there will be an after party in the Lounge Area on the first floor next to the patio all candidates and public are invited.


Happy hour will start at noon in the lounge area.
Members of the public and local media are welcome to attend and admission is complimentary.


VIPI takes pride in transparency. All interviews are filmed and published ‘as is’ to a public YouTube page in addition to www.VeteransInPolitics.org and also on several social media pages and “Live Stream”  http://alltalkradio.net/294-2/.


All candidates for Nevada State Senate, State Assembly and County Commissioner have been invited to participate. If you do not see your Senate or Assembly seat below, we have three more dates set up for future interviews. Some elected seats have been eliminated because of lack of candidate participation.

Below is a schedule for each seat with a list of 30 candidates that has confirmed their attendance.

The Veterans In Politics International takes great pride with educating the public on each candidate running for state and county office. We never “rubber stamp” a candidate, all endorsements are “earned”.


Come out and support your favorite candidate and educate yourself on the candidates running to be your next elected representative.

For information contact Steve Sanson at (702) 283-8088 or Karen Steelmon at (702) 238-5134.

Scott Ghormley owner of Rhythm Kitchen Restaurant; Ron Q. Foundations; Brent Jones Owner of Real Water; George Carson owner of AllTalkRadio.net; Kevin Wall Battle Born Radio; Colquit & Abbatangelo Law Firm and many more.

Saturday April 9

• 11am-1130am
• State Assembly, District 1


Howard Brean

  • 1130am-12pm
    • State Assembly, District 2


Clayton Kelly Hurst

Garrett J. LeDuff

Ron Nelsen

  • 1230pm-1pm
    • State Assembly, District 4


Bert Lucas Jr.

Richard McArthur

John Piro

  • 1pm-130pm
    • State Assembly, District 5


Tony Baca

Shannon Churchwell

Rory Martinez

Brittney Miller




  • 130pm-2pm
    • State Assembly, District 6


Valencia Burch

Macon Jackson

  • 230pm-3pm
    • State Assembly, District 8


John Moore Assemblyman

Norm Ross

  • 3pm-330pm
    • State Assembly, District 9


Minddie LLoyd

Diana Orrock



Sunday April 10

County Commissioner, District A


Steve Sisolak County Commissioner
County Commissioner, District C


Larry Brown County Commissioner

Gary Hosea

Stephen Sedlmeyer


County Commissioner, District D


Anthony Osnaya
State Senate, District 3


Dennis Palmerston
State Senate, District 4


Stephen Harvey Munford
State Senate, District 5


Tim Hagen

Nicholas Lash
State Senate, District 6


Victoria Seaman Assemblywoman


State Senate, District 7


Kimberly Schjang

Toni Wernicke




State Senate, District 11


Jon Frazier



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