Clark County, Nevada

August 12, 2015

In 2014, (VIPI) Veterans In Politics International conducted endorsement interviews in which Assemblyman Paul Anderson actively sought VIPI endorsement as he ran for re-election in Assembly District 13. Based upon Mr. Anderson’s pledges and statements VIPI endorsed Mr. Anderson, and he was re-elected in November 2014 to a second term in the Nevada Assembly.

However, Mr. Anderson broke every pledge and promise he made. Here are the details. In his endorsement interview he pledged as follows:

“I am not interested in proposing any new taxes. There are ways we can grow out of the recession.” (YouTube: [at 11:00]).

Yet, Anderson voted for Senate Bill 483 which:

Raise the state business license fee,

Increased the payroll/modified business tax, with an even higher impact on mining,

Imposed a new “Uber” tax on ride-sharing customers,

Imposed a new tax on taxis and limousines,

Raised the Live Entertainment Tax on auto racing and concerts,

Resulted in a 125% increase on the cost of a pack of cigarettes,

Increased the taxes for elk hunters,

Increased auto registration fees,

Increased the sales tax,

Increased the sales tax for online purchases.

Anderson pledged his support for Campus Carry in the interview. (YouTube: [at 17:00]). He stated, “I have a CCW.” (17:28). “I do support campus carry.” He says again, “YES” he is for campus carry.

Yet Mr. Anderson voted against Campus Carry SB 175.

Mr. Anderson pledged his opposition to Common Core (YouTube: [at 21:00]). Question: “Do you oppose common core?” He said, “There are serious concerns. No.”


Yet again Anderson voted against AB 303 which would have cut common core.

On August 8, 2015, Mr. Anderson came on the Veterans In Politics Radio show, in an effort to defend his voting record. He stated, “I didn’t know the budget details when I was running,” and that “I had to be a grown up.” He also stated, “I had a half a billion dollar hole to fill in the budget.”

Listen to the entire interview at 37:37:

Mr. Anderson is the Majority Leader of the Nevada Assembly and has significant control over all legislation voted on. Anderson also acknowledged he failed to take any real action to help homeless Veterans and the Veterans Courts.

Mr. Anderson broke every promise and pledge he made to our group. Anderson failed to keep his word, he failed our Veterans, and he failed the people of Nevada who elected him. The Veterans In Politics International will watch elected officials through their political careers in an effort to make sure that they stay true to their word. If anyone defends any elected official because we asked them the tough questions, we will find out your motive and expose you too!


If you are a public official and you feel that your actions or lack of should not be questioned, then you should vacate your seat.  Lead by example Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins did.

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(VIPI) Veterans In Politics International

Steve Sanson President VIPI

“Many of you defend a person because you have a business transaction with them or they are a friend; no matter how corrupt that person might be. We should only defend a person when it’s the right thing to do, not doing so only creates more corruption.”


Karen Steelmon Auxiliary Director VIPI

“One of the biggest problems in politics today is that individuals and Organizations won’t admit when they’ve made a mistake, nor take steps to correct those mistakes.


VIPI is breaking this unacceptable pattern by publicly addressing our erroneous endorsement of Ralph Krauss, former candidate for Clark County School Board Trustee.


Additionally, VIPI took decisive steps to remedy our mistake. Ralph Krauss was recently arrested for Domestic Violence with Strangulation thanks in large part to VIPI for providing pertinent information to authorities.


Once VIPI learned of the egregious actions of this once-endorsed candidate, we did our duty to restore justice by cooperating with authorities, and issuing appropriate public apologies to those who were affected by our endorsement.”

Vicky Maltman Auxiliary Director VIP Northern Nevada Chapter

Dennis Egge President VIP Hawaii Chapter

Reginald Angus Argue President VIP Canada Chapter

“Positive changes comes from those, who are willing to stand in the middle of a political hurricane; all in an effort to protect other’s basic rights and freedoms.”

Established in 1993:

Mission: To educate, organize, and awaken our veterans and their families to select, support and intelligently vote for those candidates whom would help create a better world, to protect ourselves from our own government(s) in a culture of corruption, and to be the political voice for those in other groups who do not have one.

 For information or if you would like to become a member or donate to our cause please visit we are a not for profit.

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