CCSD Teacher & Former Clark County Candidate Strangles his Ex-Wife!!

CCSD Teacher & Former Clark County Candidate Strangles his Ex-Wife!!


Will Ralph Krauss join the likes of Floyd Mayweather and War-Machine as a convicted woman beater?  Clark County, Nevada  July 18, 2015
Ralph Krauss is a Fourth Grade Teacher for the (CCSD) Clark County School District at JM Ullom Elementary School.

In 2014 he was a Republican Party Candidate for Clark County School Board Trustee a nonpartisan seat and his opponent was Carolyn Edwards.

Krauss demanded transparency and equality in several speeches and throughout his platform.

A year later allegations, a history of family domestic violence against Melanie, his ex-wife have surfaced and he has not been transparent about whether or not her claims are true.

On Tuesday June 9th Krauss was scheduled to fight three rounds in a charity Boxing bout that was sponsored by Zappos.

According to several eyewitnesses the promoter and security became aware of the family domestic violence claims made against Krauss and they even viewed graphic photos of Krauss’ ex-wife.

Immediately following this discovery the match that Krauss was scheduled to fight in was abruptly cancelled.  In February 2013 Ralph Krauss allegedly strangled his ex-wife Melanie to the point that she lost consciousness. A bitter custody battle has ensued in the Clark County family courts.  Recently several employees of the (CCSD) Clark County School District have been indicted for sex crimes including fondling and molesting special need toddlers while riding a school bus, secretly recording students in school restrooms, kidnapping teenage girls and forcing them to participate in group sex and more.

Will Ralph Krauss be the next negative statistic of CCSD? 

We understand that this “Sicko” wife-beater will deny these allegations; so we are prepared to absorb the cost for a “Lie Detector Test”.
If you don’t believe Ralph Krauss could be this cowardly and this evil; please ask him and tell him to take the “Lie Detector Test” to prove his innocents:

Phone: 702 575 7690

Twitter: Rkrauss123

Email: or

FaceBook: or

More than 2.5 million women experience some form of violence each year, and in two thirds of these cases, the attacker is a family member or an acquaintance – a spouse, male friend, or male relative. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a woman is beaten every 7.4 seconds in the United States by a male partner, and 2,000 women are murdered by abusive partners or ex-partners annually.

The most common reasons for not reporting domestic violence to police are that victims view the incident as a personal or private matter, they fear retaliation from their abuser, and they do not believe that the police will do anything about the incident.

Nevada Laws Regarding Domestic Battery by Strangulation

Domestic violence, also known as spousal abuse, family violence, dating violence or domestic abuse, is defined as an act by a person against another person in a dating, marital, blood or friendly relationship. Domestic violence can be an assault, battery, false imprisonment or unlawful entry. The most common form of domestic violence is often referred to as domestic battery.

In July of 2009, a new bill went into effect. Assembly Bill 164 increased the classification of domestic battery involving strangulation to a felony. According to NRS 200.481, punishment for domestic violence through strangulation can either be classified as a Category B or C felony, with punishments including:

Category B Felony: Prison time from and 1 to 20 years, and/or a fine equal to or less than $10,000, depending on the victim, whether the alleged offender is a parolee or probationer, and/or whether the strangulation was committed with a deadly weapon.

Category C Felony: Prison time from 1 to 5 years and a fine equal to or less than $15,000

Courtesy from the law firm of Joel M. Mann

The Statue of Limitations in the State of Nevada for this Felony is 3 years from the date of the incident. If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence please seek help immediately.

Love is not expressed through violence call the National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233 


Clark County School District information line to:


Report a bully


Burn or Stomp on the American Flag in our presence and we will show you PTSD that has never been recorded in US history!

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