“Nevada Assemblyman John Moore Betrays Veterans”

“Nevada Assemblyman John Moore Betrays Veterans”


In an Open Letter for failure to draft the Stanley Gibson Bill

For Immediate Release:

27 April 2015

Mr. John Moore

Assemblyman, State of Nevada

401 South Carson Street

Room 4113

Carson City, NV 89701-4747

Mr. Moore:

I am writing this open letter after  repeated attempts have been made to contact you by telephone and social media.

While you were  a candidate and after you were elected   we discussed a Bill Draft Request we         termed “The Stanley Gibson Bill” this   BDR was name   such          after the police shooting of Unarmed Army Disabled Gulf War Veteran Stanley Gibson.

The “gist” of the bill would correct the wrong that occurred in that terrible event and we specifically      discussed the following items:

  1. Put a cap on taxpayer’s funds used to pay police officers on

“Paid Administrative Leave” to 12 months.

  1. Eliminate the use of taxpayer’s funds for salary of police officers who solely          work for a  police union.
  1. Give financial aid to families of the victims of a controversial police shooting that results in death of the victim through the State of Nevada’s victim relief fund.

Mr. Moore, I was sadly disappointed that you found it necessary to  block us from your social media accounts after we       asked what the status of the bill was. We only asked publicly when you ignored us after our repeated attempts.

We have found out through our investigation that you did not in fact request this Bill Draft Request and this BDR never existed even though you told us it was “Killed in Committee”. We now know you did not tell the truth and you admitted as such.

Sir, we ask that you treat your constituents, the family of Mr. Gibson, and your office with respect, and you right this wrong you have committed     as you said you would        over a tele-conversation you had with me on April 19,   2015. In that conversation you promised you would introduce legislation or amendments to  do just that and would      call me by April 20, 2015 for an update. In good faith I gave you a week. You did not call me    or introduced amendments.

Mr. Moore, because of your promise to me and my organization I made a promise to the widow of Mr. Gibson. I promised Rondha Gibson that she would have an opportunity to testify on her husband’s bill. Because of your actions or lack of actions I broke that promise. Now, Rondha Gibson would have to wait another two years to have this opportunity presents itself in the next Legislative Session.

We hope it is not too late to make the needed introduction of this legislation as you had   promised.  Admittedly, we should have watched closer but we trusted you with this legislation and felt we had       a collaborative relationship with you. Apparently you deceived us and at the very least misinformed us.

Your conduct is unbecoming of a legislator, fellow veteran and United States Army Ranger.

Respectfully Submitted,

Steve Sanson, U.S.M.C. Veteran

President, Veterans In Politics International,  Inc.

702 283 8088


CC:   Nevada Media Outlets:

Reno Gazette Journal

Las Vegas  Sun

Las Vegas  Review Journal

Las Vegas Tribune

Sparks Tribune

Elko Daily Free Press

Channel 2 News Reno

Channel 4 News Reno

Channel 11 News Reno

Channel 3 News Las Vegas

Channel 5 News Las Vegas

Channel 8 News Las Vegas

Channel 13 News Las Vegas

Veterans In Politics International, Inc.:

Established in 1993: Veterans In Politics International, Inc. Mission is:

To educate, organize, and awaken our veterans and their families to select, support and intelligently vote for those candidates whom would help create a better world, to protect ourselves from our own government(s) in a culture of corruption, and to be the political voice for those in other groups who do not have one.

 For information or if you would like to become a member or donate to our cause please visit www.veteransinpolitics.org we are a not for profit.


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