Do we need a Judge on the Clark County District Court Bench that is delusional or a liar?

Do we need a Judge on the Clark County District Court Bench that is delusional or a liar?

Clark County, Nevada October 28, 2014 The Eye On Nevada Politics Talk Show interviewed William Horne soon to be former Nevada State Assemblyman and candidate for Clark County District Court Judge Department 5 on April 29th the Co-Host was Scott Ghormley owner of Rhythm Kitchen Seafood and Steakhouse Restaurant. At the beginning of the show, host Steve Sanson asked William Horne to give his bio. Horne responded “I practice law on the side”. A caller named Stephanie asked Horne, “how many times have you taken the Nevada State Bar?” and Horne responded, “five times”. A caller, Matthew asked Horne, “how many jury trials have you handled?” Horne responded, “I only won one criminal Jury trial and never done any civil trials”. Sanson asked Horne “do you believe in appointment or an election of a Judge?” and Horne responded “I voted on the appointment process of a Judge”. Sanson asked “why are you running against Judge Ellsworth when she was appointed by a Nevada Governor and elected by the Clark County voters?” Horne had no solid answer. In the last two Legislative Sessions, there was not a bill that William Horne did not like. Horne closed the interview by saying “You are not going to get me to say something bad about Judge Ellsworth on or off the air”. To listen to the Un-Cut and Unedited Interview please click onto the link below:

Eye On Nevada Politics | Apr 29, 2014 | Click Here to Listen or Right Click to “Save As” or to Download Scott Ghormley, Co-Host: William Horne Nevada State Assemblyman and Candidate for Clark County District Court Judge Department 5 – See more at: On October 23rd, William Horne debated his opponent, Carolyn Ellsworth, Clark County District Court Judge, Department 5, on the Ralston Report. Ralston inquired about Judge Ellsworth’s advertisement in which her opponent is mentioned. Apparently Judge Ellsworth included in this ad, statements made by William Horne on the Eye On Nevada Politics Talk Show – where Horne responded that he practices law on the side, that it took him five times before he passed the Nevada State Bar, and that he only won one criminal trial and never done any civil trials. Horne now denies that he made the statement he only practices law on the side. He is apparently trying to confuse the statement made indicating that he was answering a caller’s question, but no caller asked that question. The Host simply asked can you give us a bio and Horne stated he practice law on the side.

See link: Now, Horne has made a commercial indicating that Judge Ellsworth did some type of “Hocus Pocus” and edited his statements. Horne is falsely calling Judge Ellsworth a liar and clamming that she is committing fraud. See link: None of the programs for Eye On Nevada Politics or edited; for William Horne to bluntly accuse Judge Ellsworth in a commercial of tampering with the shows content is simply ridiculous and unfounded. Judge Ellsworth should report Horne to the Nevada State Bar for an ethical violation. Anyone can listen to the show in its entirety and it would lead you to say one of two things “Is William Horne Delusional or A Liar?” ##
Distributed BY: Veterans In Politics International PO Box 28211 Las Vegas, NV 89126 702 283 8088


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