Veterans In Politics to host its Endorsement interviews for Federal, State, County, & Municipal, Partisan Offices (2 & 3 of 8)

Veterans In Politics to host its Endorsement interviews for Federal, State, County, & Municipal, Partisan Offices (2 & 3 of 8)

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (March 31, 2014) – – – Endeavor Media Group, a Las Vegas-based company specializing in political consulting and public relations proudly announces that Veterans In Politics International, Inc. (VIPI) will host its ‘Endorsement Interviews’ for Federal, State, County, & Municipal Partisan Offices on Saturday- April 5th and Sunday – April 6, 2014 at Rhythm Kitchen Restaurant inside the Grand Ballroom. Rhythm Kitchen is located at 6435 South Decatur Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada 89118.

Sponsors include Rhythm Kitchen Restaurant, Real Water, and Richard Scotti Nevada Attorney.

The purpose of the ‘Endorsement Interviews’ is to educate voters about elected officials, considering that decisions made by elected officials may impact the lives of voters forever.

Members of the public and local media are invited to attend and admission is complimentary. VIPI takes pride in transparency. All interviews are filmed and published ‘unedited’ to a public YouTube channel and also published on  plus several social media pages.

For information contact Steve Sanson, VIPI President at (702) 283-8088 or Karen Steelmon, VIPI Auxiliary Director at (702) 238-5134.

Political candidates have been invited to participate in the endorsement interviews from the following offices: On Saturday April 5th Constable (Goodsprings, Henderson, and North Las Vegas), Clark County Sheriff, US Congress Districts (1, 3, and 4); On Sunday April 6th Nevada State Senate Districts (2, 8, 9, 10, 20, and 21), Nevada State Assembly Districts (1 and 2). Candidates listed below have confirmed their attendance.

Saturday April 5, 2014

Deborah March Henderson City Councilwoman will moderate interviews on this day and she is a non-voting member of Veterans In Politics.

Rondha Gibson widow of Army Gulf War Veteran Stanley Gibson will be a Special Guest Panel Member for Saturday April 5th Endorsement Panel Interviews.

11:30 *

CONSTABLE, GOODSPRINGS TOWNSHIP                                  

  1. Ken Derschan
  2. Gary P. Rogers Constable (incumbent)

11:45 *

CONSTABLE, HENDERSON TOWNSHIP                                       

  1. John Stites

12:30 *

CONSTABLE, NORTH LAS VEGAS TOWNSHIP                            

  1. Ryan Clark
  2. Tom Jeeves
  3. Jon Martin

13:15 *

CLARK COUNTY SHERIFF                                                               

  1. Larry Burns
  2. Joe Lombardo
  3. Gordon Martines
  4. Ted Moody
  5. Kenneth “Nick” Page
  6. Bill Roman

14:30 *

US CONGRESS DISTRICT 1                                                           

  1. Jose Padilla
  2. Herbert Glenn Peters
  3. Dr. Annette Teijeiro

15:30        *

US CONGRESS DISTRICT 3                                                           

  1. Erin Bilbray
  2. Zachary “Mr. Z.” Campbell
  3. David Goossen
  4. Randy Kimmick
  5. Steven St. John

16:30 *

US CONGRESS DISTRICT 4                                                           

  1. Steve Brown
  2. Mark J. Budetich Jr.
  3. Cresent Hardy Assemblyman
  4. Niger Innis


Sunday April 6, 2014

Richard Scotti Nevada Attorney will moderate interviews on this day and he is a non-voting member of Veterans In Politics.


11:30 *

STATE SENATE DISTRICT 2                                                          

  1. Louis J. Baker


12:00 *

STATE SENATE DISTRICT 8                                                          

  1. Clayton Kelly Hurst
  2. Jon Kamerath
  3. Garrett J. Leduff

12:45 *

STATE SENATE DISTRICT 9                                                          

  1. Dr. Vick Gill
  2. Ron Q. Quilang
  3. David J. Schoen

13:30 *

STATE SENATE DISTRICT   10                                                      

  1. Ed Uehling

14:00 *

STATE SENATE DISTRICT 20                                                        

  1. Carl Bunce

14:30 *

STATE SENATE DISTRICT 21                                                        

  1. Mark Manendo Senator (incumbent)
  2. Ron L. McGinnis

15:00 *

STATE ASSEMBLY DISTRICT 1                                                     

  1. Roger “OZ” Baum

15:30 *

STATE ASSEMBLY DISTRICT 2                                                     

  1. John Hambrick Assemblyman (incumbent)
  2. Mark Slottta


Immediately following the conclusion of the last interview for both days everyone is invited to join Veterans In Politics on the first floor at the ‘Endorsement Interviews After-Party’ inside the Rhythm Kitchen Lounge by the patio.

Veterans In Politics International, Inc.

Established in 1993: Veterans In Politics International, Inc. Mission is: To educate, organize, and awaken our veterans and their families to select, support and intelligently vote for those candidates whom would help create a better world, to protect ourselves from our own government(s) in a culture of corruption, and to be the political voice for those in other groups who do not have one.

For information or if you would like to donate to our cause please visit we are a not for profit 501 © 4.


Endeavor Media Group:

Established in 2011, Endeavor Media Group is a Las Vegas-based company specializing in political consulting and public relations for the arts and entertainment, politics and sports industries, with an expertise in media and events. For information visit

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