Veterans In Politics International Official Judicial Endorsement for 2014

Veterans In Politics International Official Judicial Endorsement for 2014




Richard Scotti                                                      DEPARTMENT 2

Judge Douglas W. Herndon (Incumbent)        DEPARTMENT 3

Judge Kerry Louise Earley (Incumbent)           DEPARTMENT 4

Judge Carolyn Ellsworth (Incumbent)              DEPARTMENT 5

Judge Doug Smith (Incumbent)                        DEPARTMENT 8

Judge Adriana Escobar (Incumbent)                DEPARTMENT 14

Judge Michael Villani (Incumbent)                   DEPARTMENT 17

Justice of the Peace William “Bill” Kephart     DEPARTMENT 19

Judge Jerry Tao (Incumbent)                             DEPARTMENT 20

Jacob Hafter                                                         DEPARTMENT 22

Judge Stefany A. Miley (Incumbent)                 DEPARTMENT 23

Jim Crockett                                                         DEPARTMENT 24

Judge Kathleen E. Delaney (Incumbent)         DEPARTMENT 25

Judge Ron Israel (Incumbent)                           DEPARTMENT 28

Judge Jerry A. Wiese (Incumbent)                    DEPARTMENT 30

No Endorsement                                               DEPARTMENT 32




Family Division

No Endorsement                                                            DEPARTMENT B

Michele “Shell” Mercer                                                   DEPARTMENT C

Judge Robert W. “Bob” Teuton (incumbent)              DEPARTMENT D

Denise L. Gentile                                                            DEPARTMENT F

Judge Art Ritchie (incumbent)                                      DEPARTMENT H

Judge Cheryl Moss (incumbent)                                  DEPARTMENT I

No Endorsement                                                           DEPARTMENT J

Judge Jennifer L. Elliot (incumbent)                             DEPARTMENT L

No Endorsement                                                            DEPARTMENT M

Monti Jordana Levy                                                        DEPARTMENT N

Judge Sandra L. Pomrenze (incumbent)                     DEPARTMENT P

No Endorsement                                                            DEPARTMENT S

Maria Maskall                                                                 DEPARTMENT T


Las Vegas Justice of the Peace


Judge Diana L. Sullivan (incumbent)                           DEPARTMENT 12




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