LVMPD Sheriff Douglas Gillespie Exposed

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LVMPD Sheriff Douglas Gillespie Exposed


Las Vegas Nevada; (October 17, 2013) Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) Sheriff Douglas Gillespie will go down in history as the worst Sheriff in the LVMPD.

Gillespie has major issues with building the bridge to the community out skirts of Clark County. Gillespie is more concerned with Las Vegas Boulevard aka the Strip, but has failed to recognize the communities within Clark County. Gillespie is more connected with politicians in Washington DC than he is with Clark County constituents and especially his own rank-in-file in the LVMPD.

More Cops Bill

It is well noted in Gillespie’s failed attempt to have the “More Cops Bill” passed. Gillespie has made several visits to Carson City on tax payer’s dime in an effort to influence Nevada Legislatures into passing this bill by increasing sales tax on all Nevadans.

Gillespie has failed to convince legislatures into passing the “More Cops Bill”.  Legislatures returned it back to the Clark County Board of County Commissioners to avoid the responsibility and burden of increasing sales tax on Nevadans.  Currently Gillespie has in his possession $136,000,000.00 that can be used to hire more police officers and without increasing taxes. If Gillespie is successful in increasing taxes, than he also automatically will increase his own payroll, with salaries and benefits.

All attempts to pass this bill with the Clark County Commissioners have failed. Gillespie has other ideas on how to spend tax payer’s money if the bill passes.  Gillespie wants to fill his budget hole, replace a faulty radio system that has already cost tax payers $42,000,000.00 which reportedly cost the life of unarmed Disabled Army Gulf War Veteran Stanley Gibson, pay raises, and bonuses for an already heavy paid administrative staff. Keep in mind the hundreds of thousands of dollars he pays lawyers to defend his bad cops, high priced lobbyist, multimillion dollar settlement checks written to constituents thru Fiscal Affairs for bad cops on the force and $1,200,000.00 per month in rent for the newly built police headquarters.

Gillespie also reneged on his promise to have Metro officers wear body cameras as part of the “More Cops Bill’ passing. In a letter from the Las Vegas Police Protective Association (LVPPA) a deal was made with Gillespie to outfit officers hired after July 2013 with body cameras. Now that Metro has a hiring freeze, no existing officers are required to wear Body Cameras.

Gillespie’s “More Cops Bill” will be placed back on the Clark County Board of County Commissioners November 19th meeting at 10AM sponsored by Commissioner Tom Collins. Commissioner Collins has his own problems with the law; from discharging a firearm within the jurisdiction of North Las Vegas while under the influence to several traffic stops on (DUI) Driving Under the Influence. I guess this is pay back, because no arrests were ever made against Commissioner Tom Collins.

LVMPD Collective Bargaining Contract

If Gillespie takes the Collective Bargaining Contracts seriously and manages it as if it were his own money, he would not keep bad police officers on the force like LVMPD Detective Bryan Yant. Yant shot three people and killed two including unarmed Trevon Cole. Yant was later found to have falsified a search warrant, be dishonest in the Coroner’s Inquest and be dishonest to Internal Affairs. Clearly Yant has established patterns of dishonesty and murder. He is the officer who cost tax payers $1,700,000.00. For some unknown reason Gillespie thought it was beneficial to keep Yant on the force.

LVMPD Officer Jacquar Roston shot an unarmed man and Gillespie’s own “Use Of Force Board” unanimously recommended termination of this Officer. This would mark the first termination of an LVMPD Officer in Metro’s history. Gillespie ignored the advice of his advisory board and decided against terminating Roston. His actions provoked several members of the Use of Force Board to resign including the LVMPD Assistant Sheriff Ted Moody. There was no new evidence presented that had an altering effect for Gillespie to turn his back on his fellow police officers and his civilian board members.

We now have LVMPD Officer Jesus Arevalo, the officer who shot and killed unarmed, trapped, alone, and off his (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder medication; Disabled Army Gulf War Veteran Stanley Gibson. Arevalo has been through a Grand Jury Investigation, A written decision rendered from the Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson, A Police Internal Affairs Investigation, A Police Fatality Fact Finding Review aka Corners Inquest Review Board, and a “Use of Force” review panel investigation.

In July 2013 the Use of Force Board unanimously recommended termination of LVMPD Officer Jesus Arevalo the second termination of an LVMPD Officer in Metro’s history, but yet Gillespie still had Officer Arevalo on the tax payer’s payroll. Arevalo has been on Paid Administrative Leave since the killing of Gibson December 12, 2011. In twenty two months Arevalo’s deadly actions cost taxpayers approximately $250,000.00, his salary that he earned from home while being on Paid Administrative Leave.

LVMPD Officer Jesus Arevalo’s former wife Catherine Arevalo admitted in a taped interview by Veterans In Politics International that her husband confessed to her months before the Gibson shooting that he would like to shoot someone so that he can be placed on Paid Administrative Leave. This same police officer sent a text message indicating the following: “As I watch my wife sleep I think about how easy it would be to cut her throat”.

These are the types of Police Officers Sheriff Gillespie allows to stay on the force on tax payers dime and allow these officers to shed a dark cloud over good patriotic police officers.

In the LVMPD Collective Bargaining Contract there is a prevision called “Purging of Records” if you have a written write up it will be purged after 18 months, a minor suspension will be purged after 3 years, and a major suspension will be purged after 5 years. In reality a Police Officer with major reprimands in their file can be promoted after their reprimands have been purged. This is how Sheriff Gillespie puts bad police officers in leadership roles. I am sure Detective Bryan Yant can’t wait for his killings to be removed.

Lack of Transparency

Gillespie talks about transparency, but yet he has made several back room deals with Legislatures, County Commissioners, City Councilmember’s, union representatives, and the list goes on.

It was told that several Domestic Violence calls were made to Gillespie’s home address. Gillespie told arriving officers to remove themselves from his property, because they don’t have arrest powers. This is true, there is an old Nevada Revised Statues (NRS) that indicates there are only 3 people in the State of Nevada that can arrest a sitting Sheriff and that is the Nevada Attorney General, the District Attorney, and the County Coroner, for those that don’t know the Coroner is an appointed position. 

We have asked several legislatures in the 2013 session to change this law, but everyone is too scared to amend it. It was also told that Gillespie removed the event to his home address off LVMPD (SCOPE) Shared Computer Operations for Protection and Enforcement, this is a computer data based use to keep a records of all events.

Lack Integrity

Gillespie is known by his own officers as a liar and a manipulator. Gillespie has also lied to the public and the media.

In 2009 Gillespie stated that Calvin Darling was a drunk driver that caused the death of LVMPD Officer James Manor and showed Darling’s photo at a media coverage press conference. A lie; Darling wasn’t drunk and $120,000.00 settlement was awarded to Darling.

In 2011 Gillespie said Stanley Gibson used his vehicle as a battering ram and Officers had to defend themselves. Another lie, Gibson was nowhere near officers and he was surrounded by unoccupied police cars.  If it wasn’t for a bystander videotaping the police officers as Arevalo shot and killed Gibson we would have been convinced of what Gillespie said. This is one of the reasons Gillespie is against Body Cameras on his officers.


Sheriff Reacts to Commissioner’s Reckless Allegations


Also, Gillespie states adamantly in this video: that he was voted into office by “the whole County”…FALSE – In 2006, Clark County population: 1,912,654 – Registered voters 647, 904 – only 55.97% of those actually voted, of which Gillespie received 33.56% (217,424 total votes). In 2010, Clark County population: 2,036,358 – Registered voters 736, 663 – only 63.48% of those actually voted, of which Gillespie received 37.47% (276, 016 total votes). For both elections combined, he received a total vote of 35.64% of the registered voters’ votes, which is only 12.50% of the votes of the total population of Clark County. Even if you calculated that only 1 in 4 people of the entire population of Clark County are registered voting adults (a very generous estimate on leaning in Gillespie’s favor), he still only would have received 49.98% votes from the entire voting population of Clark County. HARDLY A RESOUNDING SUPPORTING VOICE FROM THE ENTIRE COUNTY.

In this video, he also states he “works for the citizens of Clark County” and listens to what THEY say. Yet he turned down two invitations to attend the annual Constitutional Sheriff’s Convention held here in Las Vegas. This convention is designed to help Sheriff’s learn how to better serve their citizens Constitutionally. Gillespie refused both invitations on the grounds that he was too busy.

In closing:

What’s also confusing is that former Clark County District Attorney David Roger who was the District Attorney at the time of Gibson’s death and now the General Counsel for the PPA are allowed to defend Officer Jesus Arevalo, Malik Grego-Smith, Sgt. Michael Hnatuick and Lt. David Dockendorf . We have filed several major conflict of interest ethics complaints with our state government agencies, but all have fallen on deaf ear.

In the 2014 Elections the Office of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Sheriff will be the most controversial race in Clark County history. 

Whoever is endorsed by Sheriff Douglas Gillespie that would be a clear indication of who NOT to vote for.

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