“LVMPD Officer Jesus Arevalo received Stay Away Order”

For Immediate Release


Steve Sanson President Veterans In Politics International






“LVMPD Officer Jesus Arevalo received Stay Away Order”



Las Vegas Nevada; the (LVMPD) Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Officer who gunned down unarmed Army Gulf War Veteran Stanley Gibson received a Stay Away Order from Steve Delao on Thursday by Justice of the Peace Eric Goodman.



Steve Delao requested a TPO (Temporary Protective Order) against Officer Arevalo after Arevalo made threats of physical bodily harm including death threats which occurred outside Delao’s church.



Delao said Arevalo tried to attack him and threatened to kill him as he removed his shirt to show he means business, calling him a “fagot”.


Delao’s TPO hearing was scheduled last month.  Arevalo was surprised by the media and the presents of Stanley Gibson’s widow (Rondha Gibson) asking for a continuance to obtain council.  Judge Goodman granted the continuance.



In a closed door session Judge Goodman found compelling evidence to grant the TPO against Officer Arevalo and indicated Arevalo could not carry a firearm and would be out of a job. Therefore instead of granting a TPO order the Judge granted a ‘Stay Away Order’ against Arevalo. The ‘Stay Away Order’ would allow Arevalo to carry his weapon.  The Judge indicated that if Officer Arevalo violates his order he would be back in front of him.



Currently Arevalo has a ‘Stay Away Order’ and is schedule to placed back in the LVMPD uniform and patrol our streets after being on Paid Administrative Leave for 16 months at the cost of over $120,000 to tax payers.


This is the type of Police Officers Sheriff Gillespie and the Las Vegas Police Protective Association President Chris Collins protects and allows on our streets.


We have so many wonderful officers out there and most likely few unsuitable officers; this is clearly an unsuitable officer (see attached photo)!









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