Trevon Cole’s Murder – Approved by Sheriff Gillespie, Financed by COPS TV Show, Ordered by Judge Sullivan and Enforced by LVMPD officer Yant


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Trevon Cole’s Murder – Approved by Sheriff Gillespie, Financed by COPS TV Show, Ordered by Judge Sullivan and Enforced by LVMPD officer Yant


Las Vegas, Nevada USA (April 1, 2013) Last year Las Vegas police paid the largest settlement in its history to the family of Trevon Cole, an unarmed black man murdered by then-Detective Bryant Yant. According to testimony, John Langley, producer of the long running reality program COPS was pre-contracted to film the raid that ended in the murder of Trevon Cole. Yant desperately sought fame and wanted to add production value to the episode starring him, so he quickly recruited 11 heavily armed police officers knowing that they were uncertified to do raids and lacked proper training for such an operation. Air Force MP (Military Police) was also on hand during the raid. Yant’s co-stars included Sgt. Harney, M. Boone, T. Robichaud, B. Brooks, and S. Richmond. Other supporting cast members included Det. R. Wilson (P# 3836), Det. C. Mogg (P# 5096), and G. Jackson (P #13418). Apparently there was an un-credited cast member, Las Vegas Township’s Justice of the Peace Diana L. Sullivan (Department 12) whom signed the warrant based on falsified information provided by Yant.

The department’s Fiscal Affairs Committee sought to quietly settle this case because Yant perjured himself under oath and gross mistakes were made by everyone including Judge Sullivan. Clark County Commissioners Steve Sisolak and Larry Brown were so outraged that they publicly spoke out against the murder-for-hire committed by Yant and voted in favor of almost a $2 million judgment. In addition to murdering Cole Yant was also involved in two other shootings of black males and one resulted in yet another death. During an interview Sheriff Gillespie responded to criticism of officer Yant by saying, “Yant is no different than any other cop.” At least Gillespie was telling the truth because public records and media reports show dozens of on duty officer-involved shootings, occurring during the last few years in Las Vegas, Nevada with a large percent resulting in deaths.

Questions being asked by the black community are: “Why didn’t John Langley pay part of the settlement since he contributed to Gillespie’s negligence and Yant’s professional misconduct based on airing the TV show? Why was Officer Yant not charged criminally for committing murder and why was his discipline only a 40 hour suspension without pay?” One opponent of Justice of the Peace Diana L. Sullivan whom commented anonymously said, “Why isn’t Sullivan being held responsible for her role in this murder for hire? If she didn’t approve the search warrant than an innocent man would never have been murdered and a child would not have to grow up fatherless. Sullivan should have paid part of the settlement out of her pocket or retirement because she too cost tax payers millions of dollars. She is not without blame and I bet that if we review her actions with a fine tooth comb we will find a mistake on her part.”

Speaking of murder-for-hire, disgraced Sheriff Gillespie benefitted by receiving campaign donations totaling $20,000 from John Langley and his production company. Susan Carney, Producer for Langley Productions defended their actions to Karen Jenkins, Director of Nevada Commission on Ethics in an email by stating “The Sheriff ordered the production and we helped him with his campaign for re-election.”

Last year Metro Police did not regularly analyze its use-of-force incidents, resulting in inadequacies in officer training and overall accountability, based on a 154-page report released by the Justice Department. According to a review conducted by CNA Analysis and Solutions, which included interviews with nearly 100 community members and officers, direct observation of Metro operations and review of department data and records:

• Metro’s new use-of-force policy was “comprehensive” but “cumbersome” and that it should be split into smaller segments, making it more easily understandable for officers in the field.

• Metro’s Use of Force Review Board — currently a mix of residents and department personnel — needs revamping because of procedures the COPS Office found “outdated and insufficient.”

• The department did not provide enough training about de-escalation tactics — in other words, methods to slow the momentum of ongoing police incidents. The review also illustrated a need for better management of situations involving multiple officers on scene. The report recommends an array of training improvements, such as more reality-based scenarios and mandatory de-escalation training.

• Because officer-initiated stops are more likely to result in shootings of unarmed suspects, the report recommends uniform training about the legal parameters of making such stops.

• The report suggests Metro should work with community leaders and others to create a process for releasing information after an officer-involved shooting. The department’s current practice is “not meeting community expectations and is contributing to the public’s negative perception” of Metro

The ACLU of Nevada filed a petition on behalf of the NAACP Las Vegas with the Justice Department, demanding a civil rights investigation and independent monitor of the department.

In 2014 Sheriff Gillespie may run for re-election and seek support from blacks even though his reign of terror has netted countless deaths of blacks like Hitler’s reign of terror has netted millions of deaths of Jews.

Food for thought: “Murder has not changed because it has to be approved, financed, ordered and enforced.”




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