Ex-wife’s new beau seeks a protective order against Stanley Gibson’s killer – officer Jesus Arevalo

Ex-wife’s new beau seeks a protective order against Stanley Gibson’s killer – officer Jesus Arevalo

By Steve Sanson, Veterans In Politics (702) 283-8088

By Andre’ Haynes, Endeavor Media Group (702) 257-8850

According to Catherine Arevalo, the ex-wife of troubled Metropolitan police officer Jesus Luis Arevalo and her new beau Steven Delao, “Jesus feels above the law and has a blatant disregard for those entrusted to enforce it.” Catherine and her new beau allege that they have been harassed and threatened by Jesus for a while and that his abusive behavior has escalated ever since their divorce was finalized. She could not discuss the details of her divorce because Jesus had the records sealed for reasons that she believes is fear of him being exposed as a racist against African Americans and prejudice against homosexuals. However Catherine did say that Jesus bragged about how easy it would be to slit her throat as she sleeps and escape conviction because he did when he shot seven fatal bullets in two seconds from his AR-15 into Stanley Gibson during what was supposed to be non-lethal apprehension. Catherine and Steven are fearful of retaliation from Jesus due to requesting a Temporary Protective Order and the fact that Metro. has always sided with Jesus and declined to help her. Catherine commented, “In 2011 I remember him stating on several occasions that he should shoot someone so that he can take six months off and not to long after that Stanley Gibson was dead. I did not take him serious and never imagined that he would actually kill someone. I have good reason to believe that my ex possesses a gun from Metro’s evidence vault. He asked me if he is a bad person for killing that nigger, referring to Stanley Gibson. I have good reason to be afraid and so does Steven. I do not think that his heart is into being a police officer anymore.”

On Monday, March 4th at 8:55am PT inside court room 7B at the Regional Justice Center, Judge Eric Goodman from Department 11, will decide whether or not he believes that officer Jesus Arevalo is capable of killing again or injuring Steven Delao and Catherine Arevalo. Contingent on whether or not the Temporary Protective Order against officer Jesus is granted or denied, it is possible that he may soon be back in uniform, armed and on the street again. Victims’ rights advocates warn the general public, especially African American men to be cautious if officer Jesus gets his badge (No. J7640a) and gun returned.

Currently Jesus is being investigated by Stephanie Ward and Michael King of Metro’s Internal Affairs division. Several unsuccessful attempts were made to contact Jesus at his favorite hangout, the Kopper Keg located at 8725 Deer Springs Way. Jesus has been on paid administrative leave since the killing of unarmed Gulf War veteran Stanley Gibson in 2011and has cost tax payers more than $100,000.00.

CORRECTION: Sheriff Doug Gillespie openly stated that Jesus is a navy veteran and public military records do not substantiate this claim.

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