Municipal Elections Endorsement Interviews conducted by the Veterans In Politics International (VIPI)

For Immediate Release:

Steve Sanson Veterans In Politics International President

702 283 8088

Karen Steelmon Auxiliary Director Veterans In Politics International

702 238 5134


Municipal Elections Endorsement Interviews conducted by the Veterans In Politics International (VIPI)


VIPI will conduct endorsement interviews for the following municipalities North Las Vegas, Henderson, & Las Vegas all interviews are open to the public



Las Vegas Nevada; Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) represents military veterans and families of military veterans whose voices would otherwise go ignored or unheard.


Municipal Elections hold extremely important position within our communities.  These votes affect the ward that they represent and the entire city at large. These positions are the governing body of our city.  These positions exercise legislative powers by enacting ordinances, resolutions, orders, and other necessary policies.


We believe that voters need to know who these candidates are and what they stand for before going to the voting booth.  It is extremely important when a public servant gives their word to the people they represent that they have enough self-respect to keep it. So many times we find it difficult to believe our elected officials on their word, we are tired of back-peddlers that feel they could go against their own commitment to the people that they serve.


This event is sponsored by Richard Scotti law partner with Kemp, Jones, & Coulthard Attorney at Law.


We have invited all 33 candidates to attend our forum.  The following candidates have accepted and will be in attendance at their respected interview times:


Elected Seat                                                                                    Time

Henderson Mayor (conflict in schedule)                                     11:30AM

Arthur Andy Hafen Mayor

North Las Vegas Mayor                                                                  12:00PM

John Lee former Nevada Senator

North Las Vegas Ward 1 City Council                                      12:45PM

Juan Martinez

North Las Vegas Ward 3 City Council                                      1:30PM

Tony Gales

Janice Ridondo

Anita Wood Councilwoman

Henderson Mayor                                                                           2:15PM

Eddie “In Liberty” Hamilton

Kyler Robinson

Jerry Sakura

Joe Scala

Rick Workman

Henderson Ward 3 City Council                                                3:00PM

Erin Lale

Henderson Municipal Court Judge Department 1                     3:45PM

Mark Jeffrey Stevens Judge

Gary D.Thompson

Las Vegas City Council Ward 2                                                     4:30PM

Robert Beers Councilman

Fayyaz Raja

Las Vegas City Council Ward 4                                                     5:15PM

Stavros Anthony Councilman

Frank Geary

Las Vegas City Council Ward 6                                                6:00PM

Suzette LaGrange

Paul E. Rodriguez

Steven D. Ross Councilman



We believe in transparency; our interviews are open to the public and will be recorded, then made available for public viewing on several social media sites including and not limited to YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook, and LinkedIn.


 Chris Saldana former Reporter for 8 News Now will moderate from 11:30am-2pm and Stephen Stubbs a Nevada Attorney will moderate from 2pm-7pm and will serve as a non-voting member. 

Additionally, two special guest panel members, George Assad former Las Vegas Municipal Court Judge and Richard Cherchio former North Las Vegas City Councilman; former Councilman Cherchio will abstaining from NLV Mayor & NLV Ward 3 election interviews. These former elected officials will serve as voting members on the panel alongside the membership of the Veterans In Politics International.


Our panel members will ask specific questions of the candidates that are related to the council and municipal court. We also took steps to include an experienced former municipal judge and councilmember who knows the issues and is unbiased to any candidate.


The Veterans In Politics International cordially invites you to our Municipal Election Endorsement Interviews; Saturday February 23rd at the Leatherneck Club Marine Corps League 4360 West Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas Nv 89102 for directions call 702-368-1775.




For more information go to:  




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