12*12*12 “One Year Anniversary of the Death of Gulf War Army Veteran Stanley Gibson; Donation Memorial”

For Immediate Release:

Steve Sanson President, Veterans In Politics International 702-283-8088

Karen Steelmon Auxiliary Director, Veterans In Politics International 702-238-5134


12*12*12 “One Year Anniversary of the Death of Gulf War Army Veteran Stanley Gibson; Donation Memorial”


Las Vegas, Nevada


Gulf War Army Veteran Stanley Gibson was executed in his car on December 12, 2011 by a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer.  Gibson was unarmed suffering from cancer that was caused by the depleted uranium used during Operation Desert Storm.  Gibson also suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) caused from picking up dead bodies of burned Kuwaiti women and children.

Gibson suffered from a panic attack and failed to comply with officer’s request to abandon his vehicle and after 29 minutes of negotiation; one lone police officer decided to squeeze the trigger of a high powered rifle seven consecutive times and Gibson was shot in the head. Gibson was not a threat to anyone and never showed a weapon.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) has been ranked third in police shootings right below New York’s City and Los Angeles.  The other large cities have nine times the population of Las Vegas. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has been called in, to investigate the LVMPD and they have submitted a recommendation of 75 suggestions.

Gibson served his country proudly only to return to the same country he defended to be executed by a police officer that has taken an oath to “serve and protect”.

After a year has gone by the LVMPD has claimed that a radio system contributed to the death of Gibson, even though they knew this radio system (communication system) had problems when it was first implemented in 2010 and has cost tax payers over 42 million dollars.

The Coroner’s Inquest has been on hold for over two years. It was put on hold because the Police Protective Association (PPA) alleged that the new process that has been unanimously ruled on by the Board of Clark County Commissioners is unconstitutional towards the LVMPD officers.

The Nevada Supreme Court ruled that the new inquest is “not” unconstitutional towards LVMPD officers and they only recommend changing the process from a Justice of the Peace (JP) to a Hearing Master. The only difference between the Hearing Master and a JP is that the JP is elected by the people and a Hearing Master is appointed by the County Commissioners.

On December 4th of this year the Coroner’s Inquest was on the County Board of Commissioner Agenda item 57 and again it is being delayed. The LVMPD Sheriff and the PPA President convinced several members of the County Commissioners to change the name and move away from the normal process of determining if LVMPD officers are ‘justified, excusable, or criminal”. This is another attempt of protecting bad LVMPD officers and lump them with good LVMPD officers.

Since there has not been a Coroner’s Inquest for two years the newly appointed Clark County District Attorney (CCDA) has made decisions from his office to determine if an LVMPD officer is justified in Officer Involved Shootings (OIS).  The CCDA has found all officers involved in an OIS justified with the exception of one; the LVMPD officer who executed Gibson.

The CCDA has called for a Grand Jury to investigate the innocents or guilt of the LVMPD officer who executed Gibson; this matter is still under investigation. A Grand Jury has not been used in OIS in several decades.

Since the death of Gibson four LVMPD officers are on “Paid Administrated Leave” the tax payers are paying for these officers to stay home at the tone of $500,000 plus benefits to date.

Rondha Gibson the widow was the only care provider of Stanley Gibson and she suffers everyday emotionally and financially from the death of her husband. Rondha Gibson also has a difficult time finding employment because of the economy and her unwanted popularity resulting from the death of her husband.

The LVMPD Sheriff finally expressed his condolences to Rondha Gibson for her loss; after the President of Veterans In Politics International confronted the LVMPD Sheriff in the halls of the County Building on December 4, 2012 almost one year from the death of Gibson.

Meet & Greet

On Wednesday, December 12, 2012 from 2:00 – 5:00 PM we are having a meet & greet with Rondha Gibson and a donation memorial for the one year anniversary of the death of her husband, this is opened to the public.

Located at:  415 South 6th Street, Suite 200F (In Downtown Las Vegas) the telephone number:  (702) 671-0070.

All proceeds will go to the widow of Stanley Gibson; we will provide light refreshments. 

If you can’t afford to give financially please show your moral support. We need to make sure that this injustice does not come knocking on our doors.



Veterans In Politics International

PO Box 28211

Las Vegas, NV 89126


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