Boulder City Police Chief Thomas Finn Defamed Veterans Group

For Immediate Release:

Steven Sanson
President, Veterans In Politics, International

Karen Steelmon
Auxiliary Director, Veterans In Politics, International


Boulder City Police Chief Thomas Finn Defamed Veterans Group


Boulder City, Nevada –


On November 27th, the Boulder City Council unanimously voted to call for an investigation of Boulder City Police Chief Thomas Finn, for sending out an email to his officers ordering them to delete public record. This order constitutes as a Class “C” and “D” felony under Nevada Revised Statue. The Nevada Division of Investigation will be asked to conduct the investigation.


The subject that is not being discussed is the reason Chief Finn asked his officers to delete any emails. In a July 2012 email, Chief Finn ordered his officers, Boulder City Manager, Boulder City Justice of the Peace, and Boulder City Attorney, to have a “zero tolerance” approach when dealing with bikers that came to the Mongol Biker Event in June of this year. In these 2 acts, Chief Finn has demonstrated his intent to discriminate against an entire segment of citizens, acting as judge and jury without due process of the law, and his willingness to break the law to hide his indiscretions against our citizens.


Steve Sanson, President of Veterans In Politics, International, spoke at the November 13th Boulder City Council meeting and expressed that if there is a “zero tolerance” approach on one group of citizens, and not all citizens, it is considered discrimination. That all men are created equal under the law and this would be considered a violation of the United States Constitution.


The emails that were sent out by Chief Finn to 27 of his police officers, City Manager, City Attorney, and City Justice of the Peace. In one of the emails, he also named the Vietnam Veteran Riders and the Marine Riders Motorcycle Clubs (MC) as “outlaw” groups. The members of MC’s fought for our freedoms and protected our democracy by serving honorably in our United States military. They should not be prejudged and discriminated against by anyone, especially a Police Chief.


Since the Boulder City Police Chief is filing law suits against police officers and city officials, we recommend that both the Vietnam Veteran Riders and the Marine Riders file a “slander and defamation” suit against Police Chief Thomas Finn. Though the “outlaw” accusation was not made public, it still was made to almost three dozen people government officials. As the leader of a police force, Mr. Finn created a biased perception amongst his officers and city officials towards these two Motorcycle Clubs.


In addition, on November 21st, Chief Finn and Captain Albowicz received a vote of “no confidence” by the Boulder City Police Protective Association (BCPPA). We congratulate BCPPA for realizing that this Police Chief is not above the law and we encourage other PPA’s to lead by their example (see ).


Additional Police Information:


Clark County commissioners consider alternative to inquests in police shootings


Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff Doug Gillespie and the Police Protective Association President Chris Collins are requesting a non inquest. This will protect Police Officer’s who commit murder!


Watch at 4 hours and 40 minutes if you agree voice your opinion:





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