Ralston Mocks Veterans Group For Attempting To Reduce Unemployment


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Ralston Mocks Veterans Group For Attempting To Reduce Unemployment


Yesterday, Steve Sanson sent out an email blast for a nonpartisan group. Americans for Prosperity is hiring people to go door to door to conduct a survey through the remainder of this election cycle.


Jon Ralston should have praised Steve Sanson for helping veterans and others find temporary work. Sanson sent this email from his personal address and never once mentioned Veterans In Politics International.


Instead, Mr. Ralston accused Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) of “schilling” for Americans for Prosperity (AFP). Apparently, out of work veterans are not allowed by Ralston to feed their families by gathering data for a political party that Mr. Ralston so vehemently despises. Wake up Mr. Ralston; people are suffering.


In a May 24, 2012 Report by The U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee Chairman’s Staff (Senator Bob Casey, Chairman), unemployment remains very high in Nevada for our veterans. This report indicates the unemployment rate overall in Nevada for veterans is 13.2% and the unemployment rate for post 9/11 veterans in Nevada is at 18.9%. You can find the full 4 page report here: http://www.jec.senate.gov/public/?a=Files.Serve&File_id=66855d34-376b-4a0a-a11e-e6d862182540


Our goals are clear: Support our veterans. If we learn of job opportunities for our unemployed vets, we will gladly share that information with our members. Had Mr. Ralston chosen to ask if VIPI posted job opportunities for Organizing for America, we would have informed him that they never asked us to and, had they asked, yes, we would have posted the opportunity.


However; the confusion continues after the Ralston Report was published Sanson took heat from Zachary Moyle and Adam Stryker.


Moyle recruited Sanson in several text messages “Need You to bring me as many people as humanly possible” “We need bodies out walking” “And were paying” “Help us find more people” “Let’s get Vets in the streets”.

Sanson request a PDF file and received it. Sanson indicated that he would email out the PDF in hopes of recruiting more people in this economic downturn.


Once the Ralston Report came out Moyle now indicates that Sanson shouldn’t have sent out the email to democrats, the culinary union, and reporters. Sanson said “I thought that AFP is a non partisan group,” No one was specific of who should or shouldn’t receive the email if our focus is to employee Clark County residents.


Moyle also brought up the fact that Sanson shouldn’t have sent out an email and PDF with a specific pay, Sanson responded that the email and PDF was sent from a member of Americans for Prosperity and no changes were made.


This event became more gruesome when Adam Stryker called the office and told them to trespass Sanson and let him know that the police would be involved if he returns to anyone of their offices.


Wow, Stryker didn’t have the stomach to tell Sanson himself and blames Sanson for doing what he was instructed to do.


Sanson is not upset by this coward, Sanson said that he has received tons of phone calls and emails, he is glad that he could help guide people into the employment line once again, even if it cost Sanson his job.

Veterans In Politics International is a non-partisan organization

committed to advocating on behalf of veteran issues.









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