Pro-Choice or Pro-Life; should abortion be illegal?

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Heidi Hanusa License Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT) 702 370-4244


Pro-Choice or Pro-Life; should abortion be illegal?

Abortion is a private decision between a mother, her family, her doctor, and her GOD. If you are not one of the four “mind your own business” and keep government out of your life and make the decision that’s best for you!


During every presidential election the abortion issue is one of the hot topics that the candidates are speaking on, this issue resonates with all voting Americans and it is a difficult issue to think about with our active duty military veterans. I personally wanted to address this issue.

This issue was brought up on a face book post that has created a firestorm of conversations with all political party affiliations.  We were encouraged to press the issue and have an open mind on this discussion.

Some repercussions to think about if you are for making abortion illegal:

a)       Consider the burden that would be placed on our welfare system?

b)       Consider the increase in health insurance premiums due to new injuries related to underground abortions.  Did anyone think to explore the result that occurs in other countries where abortion is illegal?

c)       Consider the grief or confusion a teenager or woman may go through when the only solutions they feel they may have are to go to an underground abortion clinic.  The teenager or woman may feel they need to take it on themselves and in turn kill the fetus, or kill themselves due to being over whelmed with the idea of having to keep the child or give it up.

d)      Consider the counseling that would be needed for these mothers who are told by the government they have to keep a child that was conceived by a rape or by incest which can also lead to an increase in child abuse by the mother.

e)      Are you prepared to have government telling you what you can do or cannot do with your body; is this not a clear indication of dictatorship? Sounds like government involvement to me on a multitude of levels since the government would need to pick up the slack of the repercussions.

f)       Are you willing to sacrifice the life of another human being to preserve the life of an unborn?

It is easy to say do not have sex, it is easy to say this won’t happened to my family; it is tell others what to do.   

Is it not ironic that Republicans and true Conservatives say “I WANT LIMITED GOVERNMENT” then they say “I WANT GOVERNMENT TO MAKE ABORTION ILLEGAL”?  The last time I checked we live in a free society to make personal choices.

We cherry coat things and say preserve life that’s fine; Life and Liberty that’s fine too; and If we say we want government out of our lives we cannot pick and choose when we want government interference; this is very hypocritical. But we should not tell someone what they can or cannot do with their body this is called a ‘Dictatorship’.

This is not an easy choice to make and I do believe education and support around these decisions is imperative.  I was personally conceived from both rape and incest and I also speak and try to convince a mother to preserve life and keep her unborn child.  




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