RE: Who should be President of these United States?

RE: Who should be President of these United States?

I have been paying attention to Presidential Campaigns since Jimmy Carter became President. I would like to state the following in 2008 I had the pleasure of having civil conversations with both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. 

Mitt Romney never gained his party’s nomination instead John McCain was the GOP nominee. I asked myself if Romney didn’t receive his party’s nomination then, there must be a reason why.

We now fast forward to 2012 now Mitt Romney has the GOP nomination for President. I took a look at Romney and ask myself does he know what it’s like to be poor or even middle class to save and scrape to get the basic essentials to survive. Does he know what it’s like to choose to pay one utility bill over another?  Mitt Romney has strong religious beliefs; it is my understanding that the LDS religion gives 10% of their pay to the church. Is Mitt Romney going to make his decisions based off of what’s best for the American People or what’s best for his religion? Romney is a business man, but is it good business to tell a woman that abortions should be illegal even in rape and incest? Even the GOP is not united there are Republican Delegates that still wanted Dr. Ron Paul to be the GOP nominee and vowed not to vote for Mitt Romney.

Let’s take a look at President Barack Obama; he stated in a news conference that if he does not cut the deficit in half he should be a one term president.  President Obama not only faltered on that promised but he added 50% more debt on the backs of the American People. I don’t like that our country is borrowing money from a foreign country.  I don’t like the fact that our American President has moved in an opposite direction from our allies.  I don’t know, but is he attempting to turn our foes into friends if so he should not do it on the backs of our allies. I don’t like the fact that he wants to decrease our military might by reducing our troop force and our nuclear capabilities.

We should concentrate on uniting our country instead of dividing it by fighting over party platforms.  My God our country is named the United States of America.

There are so many unanswered questions between these two men; however I appreciate all the feedback from my original post but I am still stuck in my decision. 

I wish my choice for US President were between Herman Cain and Hilary Clinton.

Steve Sanson




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