Nevada Assemblyman Elliot Anderson is an Anti-War Protestor!

For Immediate Release:

Steve Sanson President of Veterans In Politics International 702 283 8088

Former US Marine/Gulf War Veteran


Nevada Assemblyman Elliot Anderson is an Anti-War Protestor!


Veterans In Politics International Response to Nevada Assemblyman Honored for Military Service at the Democratic National Convention


Las Vegas Nevada; Assemblyman Elliot Anderson was honored last night at the Democratic National Convention, but what you failed to realize is that Anderson has a secret.

In 2005 Elliot Anderson protested against the war while American sons and daughters were being sent off to fight in it.  Anderson staged and led a protest against the war along with 79 others in front of the Foley Federal Building. The Veterans In Politics International became aware of this and challenged the protestors.

 We asked Anderson why he would publicly protest against the war while American parents were sending their sons and daughters off to fight for our country. We asked Anderson what kind of message he is sending parents who are sending their children off to fight. At the time Anderson refused to answer the questions.

If my son or daughter decided to fight for our country people like Anderson could really make a parent feel like his country has turned their backs on them, just like they did to our troops returning from Vietnam.

Elliot Anderson is a phony standing next to the former Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps and receiving the glory of a Marine that believes in the fight for his country but protested the very war he is now being glorified to serve in.

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