Justice within the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD)

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Justice within the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD)



Las Vegas, Nevada; It has been reported that District Attorney Steve Wolfson will prosecute Jesus Arevalo, with 99% certainty.  Without question, Veterans In Politics, International, commends and supports Mr. Wolfson, should he go forward with this endeavor.  Since December 2011, Jesus Arevelo has escaped justice after executing cancer-ridden disabled Gulf War Veteran Stanley Gibson, by shooting the unarmed and subdued man in the back of the head 7 times with an AR 15 assault rifle.


We would urge Mr. Wolfson to continue his pursuit of justice by helping citizens address the issue of un-ending paid administrative leave for officers whom are under investigation.  If an officer’s behavior is egregious enough to warrant an investigation, tax payers should not be asked to give them a paid vacation.   These officers are being rewarded.  The cost to taxpayers is astronomical, unfair, and criminal.


The Police Protective Association (PPA) should also be put in check.  Too often, the conflict of interest that exists with the relationship between LVMPD and the PPA results in no justice to the residents of Clark County.


Chris Collins of the Police Protective Association, stated to reporters, “The PPA believe…officer Arevalo acted well within statutes of the State of Nevada, the policies of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, and committed no criminal act.“   If this is a fact, that the policies of LVMPD include authorizing officers to assassinate unarmed, physically and mentally ill citizens, then we need to address not only the resignation of Las Vegas Sheriff Doug Gillespie, but also the resignation and possible prosecution of officers whom implement this policy, as well as the authors of such statutes and policies.


In addition, to these failed and criminal policies are the reports we have received of Clark County Judges showing favoritism and special treatment for LVMPD officers who are arrested, by issuing them Orders of Release (OR) without first having to post any bail, allowing the use of special phones for incarcerated officers, and being processed more quickly than every other citizen.  We would remind our elected officials that we are ALL equal under the law.


On the issue of officers who are arrested, recently Gillespie stated “I am given daily reports of officers who are incarcerated.”  Are LVMPD officers committing crimes often enough to be arrested daily?  Or, if not being arrested daily, are they being arrested often enough that a “daily” report is needed?  If LVMPD officers who serve under Las Vegas Sheriff Doug Gillespie are so regularly breaking the law, the public should know who they are, and their records.  This is a very serious issue that Mr. Wolfson is well within his duties to investigate, and owes it to Clark County citizens to do so.


We believe Mr. Wolfson to be a man of integrity, who respects and desires justice for the people of our County.  We recognize the difficulty in standing up against a system that has a long time culture of being taken advantage of by corrupt and unscrupulous individuals who use their positions to further their own political agendas and careers. 


Mr. Wolfson is a man who has the courage to fight for justice on behalf of the citizens of Clark County.


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One Response to “Justice within the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD)”

  1. stevewsanson Says:

    The rules of our military in combat are to “search and destroy”. Even in combat our military have their weapons on safe. Even in combat our military is subjected to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), the Geneva Convention, and Double Jeopardy. Military service personnel is in the fight, day in and day out; no “paid administrative leave”, no unions to protect them if and when they break the law, the enemy would get an award for eliminating our troops, and most of our military are also on welfare, because they are fighting for God and Country and not for a paycheck.

    A police officer’s oath is to “protect and to serve” that means to protect citizens lives and to serve the public. A police officer discharges their weapons and immediately take a paid vacation, If they break the law they immediately take a paid vacation, a lot of them work for a paycheck not for the rights of our citizens, a police officer is protected by their unions no matter if they are “right or wrong”, these police unions influence our judges, district attorney’s, sheriff, and all our elected officials with endorsements and financial advancements. Some of the men and women that carry a badge have a sense of entitlement, they believe that they could do no wrong and if they get caught they will be cleared of all charges by excusing their behaviors.

    When will politicians be “public servants” once again? When will our public servants place the rights of our American Citizens above Politics and do the right thing?

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