Wanting to Serve

Some people go their entire life and do not help anyone but themselves.

I have served my country as a Marine and Soldier and I had a very promising career. There was a time I had a huge amount of money in the bank and several investments.

Over the years money was my priority. That soon changed as I developed a since of community. I became inspired to help people by changing policies and legislations for the betterment of the majority.

I have volunteered countless hours as an activitist supporting military veterans and our community. I stood up to and continue to stand up to corruption while others stand by and normalize it.

I now seek a paid position with an organization like yours who looks to the betterment of society, helping to improve communities. I would like to continue to do what I enjoy with an organization that is dedicated in serving the people.

Please review my resume at http://www.stevesanson.com/resume.html and biography   http://www.stevesanson.com/bio.html and let me know if I can help your organization.

Steve Sanson

7 02-283-8088

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