Who is Protecting Us From Our Police Departments?

For Immediate Release:

Karen Steelmon Auxiliary Director for Veterans IN Politics International 702 238 5134


Who is Protecting Us From Our Police Departments?

Las Vegas, Nevada Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) made it clear last year that there are flaws as to how military veterans are being handled by our courts and police department.

Steve Sanson, President of VIPI, has met with dozens of Judges in all the surrounding City Municipalities, Justice Courts, and Clark County District Courts (see Las Vegas Review Journal article http://www.lvrj.com/news/lack-of-specialty-court-in-clark-county-upsets-veterans-124175569.html?c=n ), in an effort to bring awareness to the lack of treatment regarding our military veteran population.

VIPI President has also brought awareness to how our military veterans are being handled by our local police department. In an effort to illustrate how police are interacting with our local military veterans, Steve Sanson met with Clark County Metropolitan Police Department Under Sheriff Jim Dixon, to explore possible solutions as to how our veterans were being treated once they are incarcerated. Again, an effort was made in an interview with Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie on January 28th on the Veterans In Politics Talk Show (listen to the interview: http://www.vegasallnetradio.com/Shows/VeteransInPolitics.html ).

Veterans In Politics International has taken a proactive approach to ascertain how our police department is approaching our military veterans and our community.

VIPI suggested changes needed to our Police Department:

1) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) training mandatory for all Police Officers, the same training that is offered to the Crises Awareness Intervention Unit. This would greatly reduce Officer Involved Shootings.

2) All Officer Involved Shooting (OIS) must be subjected to a mandatory drug and alcohol test immediately after the incident.

3) Proposing a separate wing at Clark County Detention Center (CCDC) for all military Veterans. This would help camaraderie, identification, and make it easier for Veterans with different issues to be identified and receive proper treatment. This approached is successful in Columbus, Georgia, see article: https://offthebase.wordpress.com/2012/05/08/jail-just-for-military-veterans-opens-in-columbus-georgia/ ).

4) Proposing that all Nevada military veterans’ driver’s licenses or identification cards include a “Military Veteran” identifier. The veteran would have to supply the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) with their DD 214 military separation papers to avoid “Stolen Valor”. This would open up the dialog when a police officer pulls over a subject vehicle. The officer could ask a series of question first thanking the veteran for their service. Asking what branch of service they served. If they served in a combat theater. How long they have been out of the military. If they are currently on medication. This would give the police officer a profile of the suspect incase a situation occurs, and the officer would know what they are dealing with.

5) Removing the North Las Vegas City Gun Ordinance 9.32.010 that is in a contradiction to the State and surrounding cities ordinance (see http://blackwolfccw.com/yahoo_site_admin/assets/docs/NORTH_LAS_VEGAS_FIREARMS_LAWS_2008.326201159.pdf ) that states that a person cannot have a weapon in your personal vehicle even if you have your Blue Registration Card, also indicates that even if you have your Counseled Carry Weapons permit (CCW) your weapon has to be on your position driving through the jurisdiction of North Las Vegas. We were told by several North Las Vegas Police Officers (NLVPO) that this ordinance is used for profiling. This ordinance needs to be removed and to be uniform with the rest of the State.

6) There should be a cut off period for all Police Officers that are on Paid Administrative Leave after an OIS. This would force the Police Protective Association (PPA), the Police Department, and the District Attorney’s office to end the delays in OIS, and prevent tax payer’s money from being spent frivolously.

7) We were told that there is an unwritten police policy that states when an officer fires their weapon at a suspect all officers fire their weapon, even if they do not see a threat. The reason for this is that it’s harder to go after several officers than it is to go after one. This policy would help police officers in a Coroner’s Inquest and Internal Investigation. We need to make sure that this unwritten policy is eliminated.

8) Changing the current Nevada Revised Statue (NRS) that indicates the only 3 people in the State of Nevada could arrest a sitting Clark County Sheriff. These individuals are the Nevada State Attorney General, Clark County District Attorney, and the Clark County Coroner. Any police officer should have the legal right to arrest a current Clark County Sheriff if they believe the Sheriff has broken the law. In a statement Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson made on the Veterans In Politics Talk Show, he made it clear that no one is above the law and if the Sheriff broke the law he is entitled to the same treatment as anybody else (listen to the interview on 06/16/12 http://www.vegasallnetradio.com/Shows/VeteransInPolitics.html ).





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