Sheriff seeks increased funding from local governments

We find this amazing that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Sheriff Doug Gillespie is constantly asking for more money from the City of Las Vegas and Clark County. When he spends LVMPD money like it was his own personal ATM (lavish meals, failed contracts, failed police equipment, laborite retirement pay). In addition; to the lack of training and discipline of his police officers that has cost millions of dollars every year in law suits filed, not to mention the paid vacations called Administrative Leave, his officers are on and the countless dollars that goes to fund the Police Protective Association Union.


Then the head of the Fiscal Affairs Committee Commissioner Steve Sisolak was paid out $16 million dollars on a land development law suit he filed against Clark County and McCarran Airport.  Wow; and we wonder why our County and Police are in a deficit; really. The Fox watching the Hen House and we continue to elect them every year… Wake up people!!!!



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