Boulder City Mayor and Council will join Gulf War Veteran widow Rondha Gibson for the six month tragedy of Stanley Gibson

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Karen Steelmon Auxiliary Director for Veterans In Politics International 702 238 5134

Boulder City Mayor and Council will join Gulf War Veteran widow Rondha Gibson for the six month tragedy of Stanley Gibson

Boulder City, Nevada; Boulder City Mayor Roger Tobler and members of his City Council will join Gulf War Veteran widow Rondha Gibson, as she remembers her husband who was killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Officer Jesus Arevalo six months ago for a vigil at the Southern Nevada Veteran Cemetery:  Located at  1900 Buchanan Blvd. Boulder City Nv. 89005 (Burial Plot 1759 A/C) on Tuesday June 12, 2012 at 11AM.

Army Gulf War Veteran Stanley Gibson suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), cancer, incorrect prescription medication that led to mental confusion.  Stanley Gibson was also disregarded by the Veterans Administration when attempting to get his medication altered.  Immediately after the December 12, 2011 shooting which resulted in Mr. Gibson’s death, Sheriff Gillespie reported to the public that Gibson was using his vehicle as a weapon to ram police cruisers and after 29 minutes of negotiations had failed, officers had to defend themselves and shot Gibson dead while he sat un-armed in his car. The weapon used was an AR-15, a military style rifle similar to an M-16 machine gun.

After a video of the event was aired by the media, it became apparent that Gibson had been pinned by several unoccupied police cruisers, he was unarmed, alone, suffering from a panic attack, and his tires were spinning, indicating that he had nowhere to go.

The officers on the scene decided to use a non-lethal method to apprehend Gibson, but Officer Jesus Arevalo disregarded the plan, and fired seven rounds to the rear of Mr. Gibson’s head with an AR-15, striking and killing Gibson instantly. It was then stated by several officers on the scene that Officer Arevelo was aware of the plan to take Gibson alive.

For the past six months, Officer Jesus Arevelo sits at home on paid administrative leave, earning over $78,000 per year of our tax dollars and he is joined by three other police officers;  while Rondha Gibson suffers financially.

This incident has caused the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) to request a federal investigation against police shootings by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

VIPI Elected Officials Interviews:

This shooting has been a major topic for the Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) and was referred to during several endorsement interviews by the interview panel. Both Commissioner Larry Brown and Lawrence Weekly indicated that the shooting of Gibson is “unlawful”.

We asked the County Commissioners if they believed the shooting to be “unlawful”, why did no one publicly address the issue with Sheriff Doug Gillespie. We were told “because the Sheriff is an elected official”.

If that’s the case, why then did the Clark County Board of County Commissioners pursue Las Vegas Township Constable John Bonaventura over a video his staff made, but not the Sheriff over the death of “unarmed” civilians? Both are elected officials… (see video’s and )  

VIPI Awareness:

The Veterans In Politics International is the only group that has publicly requested the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) Sheriff Doug Gillespie for his resignation in several media interviews. It was discovered that LVMPD ranks 3rd in Police Shootings below Los Angeles and New York City, these cities having many times the population of Las Vegas (see interview  ) .

The VIPI cannot, in good faith, do nothing while Rondha Gibson suffers financially due to the untimely death of her husband who served his country in war, then returned to the country he protected only to be assassinated by a Police Officer who took an “oath to protect and to serve”.  Why would that officer to be unconscionably protected by the Sheriff. The VIPI President challenged Jesus Arevelo to a Mix Martial Arts Fight for charity to financially help widows, widowers, and orphans for Nevada Military Veterans and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officers (see interview  ).

We are calling on all military veterans, elected officials, and all citizens who do not want this injustice to continue, or come knocking on your door, to join Rondha Gibson on Tuesday as she remembers an American Hero…


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One Response to “Boulder City Mayor and Council will join Gulf War Veteran widow Rondha Gibson for the six month tragedy of Stanley Gibson”

  1. Jon Hoyt Says:

    where is our great country headed to as those that fight to protect our freedoms get murdered by those they are protecting. I think it is time our military takes a vacation until our country gets itself straighten out. sounds like there should be more to the story or maybe this story is just to much to fatham. The way things are going our next war will be against each other in this country as things get stirred up by the radical left & right sides of the politicans. WE have to learn to work together before we all turn into humpty dumpty’s

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