If any employee cost your business $1.7 million would you still have that person employed?

If any employee cost your business $1.7 million would you still have that person employed?

The Clark County Coroner’s Inquest has ALWAYS ruled that police shootings are ALWAYS “Justified” no matter how badly the Police Officer screws up, for example:

Trevon Cole, a former UNLV line backer was killed by LVMPD officer Bryan Yant while executing a search warrant. Officer Yant shot Cole in the face with an AR 15 while Cole was leaning over a toilet, unarmed, in front of his pregnant fiancée. Later, it was revealed that officer Yant falsified information to obtain the search warrant, and falsified a police report of the shooting. His description of events was contradicted by the Medical Examiners Report, the reports of the other officers on the scene, and testimony from other officers during the Coroner’s Inquest.

When asked why Officer Yant has not been charged with murder, we were told that Yant is assigned to a desk. He is still allowed to carry a weapon and still being paid by tax payer’s dollars. Sheriff Gillespie added that no further investigation is needed because the Coroner’s Inquest found Yant’s actions justified, despite contradicting testimony from the Coroner and his fellow officers on the scene.

Officer Yant’s murder of Trevon Cole cost Clark County tax payers $1.7 million in a wrongful death federal law suit filed by the Cole Family and approved by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Fiscal Affairs.




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