“Veterans In Politics Talk Show” (Knecht and Moore)

“Veterans In Politics Talk Show” (Knecht and Moore)


Saturday April 21:


Kathleen Vermillion Former Henderson City Councilwoman Special Co-Host

on http://www.vegasallnetradio.com/Shows/VeteransInPolitics.html LIVE from 2-3PM Pacific Time Call In-702 483-4444 our guest will be:


Ron Knecht Nevada State Board of Regent District 9 and Rose Moore Radio Host on All Talk Radio, Candidate for Clark County School Board Trustee District B, and VIPI Endorsement Recipient

“Veterans In Politics” is a weekly radio show produced by the Veterans In Politics International Steve Sanson Organizer and Founder, Hosted by Jim Jonas a former Nevada State Assembly candidate; member of Veterans In Politics Auxiliary and Steve Sanson former Marine Desert Storm Veteran and President of Veterans In Politics International on http://www.vegasallnetradio.com/Shows/VeteransInPolitics.html.   Back Up Host Mike Murray US Marine Corps and Patrick Llewellyn US Army. The Veterans In Politics Talk Show is LIVE every Saturday from 2:00PM-2:58PM Pacific Time.


*If you would like to be a guest on our show please contact email: veteransinpoliti@cs.com or if you would like to place a commercial on anyone of our shows please dial 702 283 8088.

Other Events:

Veterans In Politics International will have a booth at the Gun Show at the Sunset Sports Center this weekend (Saturday and Sunday 9-5PM) any of our Endorsed Candidates can join us at our booth. Please contact Karen Steelmon to make arrangements 702-238-5134.


If you would like to visit any of our archived interviews or find out who is going to be interviewed next go to; http://www.vegasallnetradio.com/Shows/VeteransInPolitics.html  

Our Cause:


In an effort to stop the senseless killing of our Military Veterans go to the link below and sign the petition:




Please go to Face Book and “LIKE” the following page:


Prosecute the Police Officer who Killed Army Veteran Stanley Gibson





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