Veterans In Politics International US Senate, US Congress 1, 3, 4, Clark County Board of County Commissioners A, B, C, and D Candidates Endorsement Interviews 2012

For Immediate Release

Karen Steelmon Auxiliary Director of Veterans In Politics International 702-238-5134 



Veterans In Politics International US Senate, US Congress 1, 3, 4, Clark County Board of County Commissioners A, B, C, and D Candidates Endorsement Interviews 2012


Las Vegas Nevada; Veterans In Politics International cordially invites you to our United States Senate, United States Congress Districts 1, 3, 4, and Clark County Board of County Commissioners Districts A, B, C, and D Endorsement Interviews 2012 Saturday April 14th at Marine Corps Leatherneck Club. 

Located at 4360 West Spring Mountain Road Las Vegas, NV 89102-8947: Across from China Town/ North East of Spring Mountain Road and Arville in the same shopping center as the American Shooters for directions call Phone: 702-368-1775:

All interviews are open to the public and the media. With regards to our bylaws we only interview candidates in the primary election.

The following candidates have confirmed their attendance to be interviewed:

Elected Seat                                           Time

COUNTY COMMISSIONER DISTRICT A                                        11:30

Barry Herr

COUNTY COMMISSIONER DISTRICT B                                        12:00

Warren Markowitz

COUNTY COMMISSIONER DISTRICT C                                         12:30

Larry Brown Commissioner

Gary Hosea

Craig O. Lake

COUNTY COMMISSIONER DISTRICT D                                        1:00

Wesley Cornwell

Lawrence Weekly Commissioner


REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS DISTRICT 1                           1:30

Chris Edwards

Charmaine Guss

Brian Landsberger

Herb Peters

William “Bill” Pojunis

Miguel “Mike” Rodrigues

Stan Vaughan


REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS DISTRICT 3                           2:15

Stephen H. Frye

James Franklin Haning II

Jesse “Jake” Holder

Tom Jones

Barry Michaels

Jim Murphy

Gerald “Jerry” Sakura


REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS DISTRICT 4                           3:00

Diana Anderson

Mike Delarosa

Floyd Fitzgibbons

Kiran Hill

Robert X. Leeds

Joseph P. Silvestri

Kenneth A. Wegner

Sid Zeller

U.S. SENATE                                                                                     3:45

Shelley Berkley Congresswoman

Steve Brown

Barry Ellsworth

Eddie Hamilton

Louis Macias

Carlo “Nakusa” Poliak

David Lory VanderBeek


Comments from the Veterans In Politics International President:

America has been fighting for Democracy since 1775; we have championed other countries Democracy by sacrificing the lives of our military servicemen and women. By doing this we have showed the world that we are created equal no matter your gender, religion, or the color of your skin. All people should remain free, all people should vote for their leaders.

However, we are still facing challenges only 5% of registered voters actually exercise their right to vote another 2% of actual voters research candidates before they vote.

Veterans In Politics International is the only veterans group that endorses candidates and the only group that opens up their endorsement interviews to the public, media, and video tape our interviews and post it onto social network sites for voters to have an educated idea of whom they should vote for and to be involved in the electoral process.

Some of the candidates listed above have not received media attention, our group is given you an opportunity to see the candidates the media has not showcased.

Our group only endorses candidates that we feel would better serve the veterans community and our citizenry.

We have spent countless hours putting on interviews so that the public would be more informed on the candidates that have filed for office.


There is always someone or some entity that is threatened by this process and would do anything to discredit our group and what we stand for. 

Each time we announced our moderators someone always attempts to either have our moderator or candidates cancel on our invitation to appear.  This time we will reserve the name of our moderator.

We find it troubling that in an effort of contacting Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak we were told by his County Assistant that he is advised by the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department not to have a conversation with us. We found this to be strange because Commissioner Sisolak has always criticized our group for not endorsing his candidacy in the last election.

Veterans In Politics International has made additional steps to insure that all candidates are informed about our process and we will remain impartial until we have endorsed a candidate.

This is our last endorsement interviews for 2012 we would like to thank all the candidates, volunteers, and the membership of the Veterans In Politics International for devoting your time to democracy.


Our Mission Statement:

To teach, educate, organize and awaken our veterans and their families to select, support and vote intelligently for a better world and to protect ourselves from our own government(s) in a culture of corruption and to be the political voice for those in other groups that do not have one.


For More Information contact:


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