Fiore, DeLaGuerra-Seaman, Farrell, Foster, Groves, Heryet, Boarman, Mendez, Mendoza, Irwin, Blanchard, Duncan all Endorsed by the Veterans IN Politics International

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Fiore, DeLaGuerra-Seaman, Farrell, Foster, Groves, Heryet, Boarman, Mendez, Mendoza, Irwin, Blanchard, Duncan all Endorsed by the Veterans IN Politics International


Veterans In Politics International has Endorsed State Assembly Candidates for Districts 4, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 29, 35, and 37


Las Vegas, Nevada Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) has conducted their endorsement interviews for Assembly Candidates. The event was held at the Marine Corps Leatherneck Club, and was sponsored by Edward R. Miley Law Firm.

No endorsements were made for Nevada State Assembly Districts 3, 5, 7, 8, 12, 16, 19, 21, 22, 23, 28, 34, 41, or 42.

This interview process was moderated by John Hambrick, Nevada State Assemblyman. The interview panel members were Dr. Richard Hawkins Las Vegas Attorney, Karen Steelmon VIPI Auxiliary Director, Jim Jonas Activist/Radio Host, Melody Howard US Army/President of Nevada Chapter, Rob Lauer US Army, Leo Bletnistsky US Coast Guard, Bruno Moya US Marine, and Maria Dunnigan US Navy.

Entertainment Journalist Jon Ralston:

Jon Ralston, entertainment journalist, wrote an article the Friday before our interviews, making several false statements and accusations. Among these false statements was that our moderator would be casting an endorsement vote, and that his being a Republican would cause bias for candidates of other political affiliations. This caused considerable confusion and concern with some readers. As a result, several Democratic candidates cancelled their attendance and participation of our interview process. Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) holds Mr. Ralston directly responsible for tampering with justice, and causing bias which ultimately affected the outcome of a fair and non-partisan process.

Assemblywoman Neal has no backbone:

Assemblywoman Dina Neal used her Daddy’s name and won a seat in the State Assembly in the last election. But what you don’t know about Assemblywoman Neal is that she turns tail and ran after reading Ralston’s article, and sent the following e-mails to Veterans In Politics from her Sprint Smartphone:

“I was going to this interview because I support veterans; my dad was a veteran that is why I was attending. I support Veteran Issues”.

“Good morning, with all due respect. I will not be attending the interviews today. The article in the paper is crazy. I don’t know what’s going on”.

If the Jon Ralston article can scare away this Assemblywoman I would hate to see her in office, hiding away from controversy and failing to fight for her constituents in District 7. Apparently she has no fight and is easily manipulated without considering all pertinent information. Nevadans deserve better.

Heidi Swank has no respect for military veterans:

This brings me to Heidi Swank, assembly candidate for District 16. I asked Candidate Swank why she didn’t reserve her attendance for the VIPI interview. She replied she must attend the Carpenters Union interview the same day.

This statement alone sickens me. Candidate Swank would rather court a union than meeting with a military veterans group. Unions are well known for coercing their members to vote for certain candidates, and catering to elected officials who return their favors. Our military veterans have risked their lives in foreign lands to preserve the rights for all Americans.

Assemblyman Anderson leads anti-war protestors in 2007:

Moving right along…Assemblyman Elliot Anderson represents District 15 and is a former US Marine. It’s disheartening to know that this person wore the uniform, and then returned home to become an anti-war protestor.

When I first met Assemblyman Anderson a few
years ago, he was with about 80 other anti-war protestors in front of the Foley Federal Building. Nick Starling, CEO for VIPI and Army Ranger accompanied me. Starling was the second vehicle into the initial invasion of Baghdad. We approached these 80 folks and asked them why in the world are they protesting against a war that our servicemen and women are still fighting, and families still sending their sons and daughters off to war. We explained that this sends a bad message to our fellow Americans, our military, and most importantly to our enemies.

We have repeatedly requested the presents of Elliot Anderson to be in front of our group so we can discuss this topic but each time he has refused.

The Veterans In Politics International has no respect for people who turn their backs on our veterans, protests against our military, and has no back bone to stand up. We fought for our country in war, and continue that fight in politics. Our country deserves better than some of the candidates have to offer.

The Veterans In Politics International encourages all Clark County residents to go to the polls and vote intelligently for the candidate(s) they feel will better support issues and concerns.

Nevada State Assembly candidates create laws for our state. It is critical that we put people in office that will support our values and way of life.

Please click onto the links below to view the Nevada State Assembly interviews that are now available on YouTube.

State Assembly, District 4

State Assembly, District 5

State Assembly, District 7

State Assembly, District 8

State Assembly, District 9

State Assembly, District 10  

State Assembly, District 12

State Assembly, District 13–s&context=C47fe46fADvjVQa1PpcFM2RWemADC4PBGw7CsC2FOpKmMZrvEQt10


State Assembly, District 14

State Assembly, District 15 (waiting for video)

State Assembly, District 16

State Assembly, District 17

State Assembly, District 20

State Assembly, District 21

State Assembly, District 28

State Assembly, District 29

State Assembly, District 35

State Assembly, District 37


State Assembly, District 41 (waiting for video)

State Assembly, District 42

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