An “Entertainment Journalist” who poses as a Real Reporter!

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An “Entertainment Journalist” who poses as a Real Reporter!


Las Vegas, Nevada Jon Ralston is no Gary Waddell or Les Krifaton to name a few, today “Entertainment Journalist” Jon Ralston of Face to Face wrote the following article:

Ralston who have had personal differences with Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) President Steve Sanson is using his position with the Las Vegas Sun for personal attacks.


Ralston is jealous of the VIPI and decided to write about Republican Nevada Assemblyman John Hambrick and criticizes the VIPI for their choice of appointing Hambrick as their moderator for the Nevada Assembly Interviews this Saturday, because of Hambrick’s political affiliation.


Although the press release sent out by VIPI clearly states that Hambrick will be the moderator, Ralston in his attempts to confuse the readers and scare off assembly candidates is stating that Hambrick would be interviewing candidates and making decisions on who to endorse.


Hambrick is not a voting member of VIPI and is a “moderator” not a panel member. In past events during the Special Election for Ward 2 Las Vegas Councilman Steven Ross was the VIPI moderator a Democrat and former Henderson Councilwoman Kathleen Vermillion sat on the panel another registered Democrat, but has no allegiance to one party over another.

At the VIPI Veterans Valentine’s Day Ball & Gala held at the Plaza in February the speakers were Las Vegas City Mayor Carolyn Goodman an Independent and former registered Democrat, former First Lady and Nevada Legislator Dawn Gibbons a registered Republican, former Nevada State Legislator and US Senate Candidate Sharron Angel a registered Republican, Alana Lee Miss Nevada a registered Republican, her father Nevada State Senator John Lee a registered Democrat and our Keynote Speaker was Congresswoman Shelley Berkley a registered Democrat.

Last year when the VIPI interviewed the municipal candidate we had Chris Miller Clark County Democrat Chairman and former President of the Stonewall Democrat’s sat on the panel.

VIPI endorsements throughout the years have supported candidates in all political parties. VIPI is a non partisan organization that supports candidates for the betterment of veterans and their families and an advocate for veteran’s rights. VIPI is the only veteran organization within the state of Nevada that endorses candidates.

Ralston is always projecting and always prints half truths; Ralston is clearly an entertainer and not to be taken seriously.

Ralston supports and attacks candidates who will increase his ratings and supports candidates who will advertise with his employer.

If you take a look at the candidates that runs for office Ralston picks who he wants to interview.


Apparently, Ralston does not believe in the constitution to let the people decide who they want to represent them. Ralston uses the power of the media in attempts to influence the voters.


The VIPI interviews all candidates, we make recommendations and we video tape and inform the public to be knowledgeable on all candidates that are running for office in a public forum.


VIPI always states the following “if you don’t like our endorsements make an educated decision when you are in the voting booth”.

Ralston has the audacity to criticize Mr. Sanson’s accomplishments and his nomination as the Nevada State Veteran of the Month, Sanson is the third person to receive this honor given to him by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval.


Ralston made a big deal by pointing this out in his article because our Governor is a Republican, but failed to mention other recognitions by two other elected leaders that were given on the same day.


Sanson also received a Congressional recognition by Democrat Congresswoman Shelley Berkley and a Letter of Recognition by Independent Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman, all was presented at the same time.


Veterans In Politics International supports and endorses the “Best Candidate” that we feel would support the values of veterans, whether you served in the military or not, a challenger or incumbent, minority or majority, rich or poor, known or new comer, and despite your political affiliation.


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