Veterans In Politics International Nevada State Assembly Endorsement Interviews 2012

For Immediate Release

Karen Steelmon Auxiliary Director of Veterans In Politics International 702-238-5134 



Veterans In Politics International Nevada State Assembly Endorsement Interviews 2012


Las Vegas Nevada; Veterans In Politics International cordially invites you to our Nevada State Assembly Endorsement Interview 2012 Saturday March 31, 2012 at Marine Corps Leatherneck Club:  Located at 4360 West Spring Mountain Road Las Vegas,  NV 89102-8947: Across from China Town/ North East of Spring Mountain Road and Arville in the same shopping center as the American Shooters for directions call Phone: 702-368-1775:

All interviews are open to the public.

Eighty four candidates for Nevada State Assembly will be on the ballot in this year’s election for  Southern Nevada.

The following candidates have confirmed their attendants to be interviewed:

Elected Seat                             Time

STATE ASSEMBLY, DISTRICT 3                             11:30

Phyllis McGuire Moilanen

STATE ASSEMBLY, DISTRICT 4                             11:50

Michele Fiore

Jonathan J. Hansen

STATE ASSEMBLY, DISTRICT 5                             12:10

Barry Keller

Jason Reeves

STATE ASSEMBLY, DISTRICT 7                             12:25

Brent T. Leavitt

Dina Neal Assemblywoman

Stephen Taylor

STATE ASSEMBLY, DISTRICT 8                             12:45

Arthur D. Martinez

John Moore

STATE ASSEMBLY, DISTRICT 9                               1:05

Victoria DeLaGuerra-Seamon

STATE ASSEMBLY, DISTRICT 10                             1:25

Tim Farrell

Jonathan Friedrich

Joseph Hogan Assemblyman

STATE ASSEMBLY, DISTRICT 12                             1:45

Bridgette Bryant

Mickey Frazier

James Ohrenschall Assemblyman

STATE ASSEMBLY, DISTRICT 13                             2:05

Kelly Charles

Louis Desalvio

Leonard Foster

Leisa Moseley

STATE ASSEMBLY, DISTRICT 14                             2:25 

Amy L. Groves


STATE ASSEMBLY, DISTRICT 15                             2:45

Benjamin M. Donion

Megan Heryet

STATE ASSEMBLY, DISTRICT 16                             3:05

Ben Boarman

STATE ASSEMBLY, DISTRICT 17                             3:25

Steven Brooks Assemblyman

Patrick Mendoza

STATE ASSEMBLY, DISTRICT 19                             3:45

Cresent Hardy Assemblyman

Felipe Rodriguez

STATE ASSEMBLY, DISTRICT 20                             4:05

Kent L. Ivey

Eric Mendoza

STATE ASSEMBLY, DISTRICT 21                             4:25 

Becky Harris

Swadeep Nigam

Steve Parke

STATE ASSEMBLY, DISTRICT 28                             5:30

Abraham Camejo

STATE ASSEMBLY, DISTRICT 29                             5:50

Bob Irwin

STATE ASSEMBLY, DISTRICT 35                             6:30

Tom Blanchard

Adam Cegavske

Nathan Sosa

STATE ASSEMBLY, DISTRICT 37                             6:50

Wesley Duncan

STATE ASSEMBLY, DISTRICT 41                             7:10

Phil Regeski

STATE ASSEMBLY, DISTRICT 42                             7:30

Kevin L. Child

Robert McEntee


Nevada State Assemblyman John Hambrick will be the moderator for this year’s Assembly Interviews.

Nevada State Assembly Legislators passes laws that will impact your life or/and the life of your business, know who you are voting for before you cast your ballot.

Our Mission Statement:

To teach, educate, organize and awaken our veterans and their families to select, support and vote intelligently for a better world and to protect ourselves from our own government(s) in a culture of corruption and to be the political voice for those in other groups that do not have one.





For More Information contact:



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