Lie Detector Test Suggests Vermillion Not Guilty of Extortion/Charity Mishaps



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Kathleen Vermillion, former Henderson City Councilwoman (702) 373-0000





Lie Detector Test Suggests Vermillion Not Guilty of Extortion/Charity Mishaps


–Results of voluntary lie detector test state that Vermillion has less than a one percent chance of being deceptive; Vermillion challenges former public relations Manager Mark Fierro and charity Director Arash Ghafoori, to undergo tests themselves–


LAS VEGASA lie detector test voluntarily completed by ex- Henderson City Councilwoman Kathleen Vermillion on March 22, 2012 by the third-party, independent forensic team of Western Securities clearly states that Vermillion had no knowledge of an alleged extortion attempt against her ex-boyfriend, Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak.


Furthermore, the test clears Vermillion of any wrong doing against the charity she founded twelve years ago, in allegations made by the current Executive Director, Arash Ghafoori.


Ghafoori, who was terminated from his position at the United Way of Southern Nevada last year, and hired by the three board members remaining at the embattled charity that ousted Vermillion from her long-standing position as the Founder & primary leader of the organization, is now being publically challenged by Vermillion to take a lie detection test himself to verify his intent when making the allegations. Ghafoori filed an Attorneys General complaint in mid January of this year in what Vermillion claims as his desperate attempt to “hijack” the organization and secure the position himself at the helm of the organization. The executive position that many insiders say he didn’t meet the qualifications for and couldn’t have secured in any other way.


Vermillion’s now demanding a public testimony from Ghafoori via a lie detection test stating “If Mr. Ghafoori was in fact concerned about my professional integrity  after a decade of impeccable financial auditing and not his own personal advancement, he shouldn’t have any hesitation in this challenge and would gladly cooperate”.


The embattled and now financially struggling charity promised to release the findings of an internal audit investigating the allegations against Vermillion and some of the previous board members, but has since recanted their promise to several media outlets; now only willing to publish partial findings of the audit—even though federal law requires 501c3 agencies to fully open their financial records to any member of the general public. Vermillion states that she has requested the audit, in its entirety, from Ghafoori in writing, but her request have been ignored.  

Sources close to both Vermillion and the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth have confirmed that Vermillion was cleared by auditors of any wrongdoing.


Vermillion is also requesting that former public relations Manager, Mark Fierro, submit to a lie detection test and fully disclose that absolutely no improprieties leading to an extortion attempt were committed during his time with neither Vermilions attorney Rob Martin nor himself during a meeting requested by Sisolaks private attorney,  Laura Fitzsimmons.  Vermillion maintains that Sisoalks personal and long-time friend, Laura Fitzsimmons (who helped Sisolak win over a 20 million dollar settlement againstClarkCountyin 2008) made more than one request for the meeting, and did so  knowingly,  outside of the county process of meeting during business hours and using county attorneys. Vermillion claims that Fitzsimmons intentions of completely ignoring the county administrators in the meeting process may have been a  “set-up” and is eager to “set the record straight”. 


Vermillion is requesting that Fierro undergo a lie detection test  to verify the information that she received was correct.  Vermillion has agreed to contribute any expenses incurred by either Ghafoori or Fierro  in paying for the test to a charity of their choice up to $200 each, which had been  the rate of her own test expenses.


A press conference outlining the details of  Vermillion’s  lie detection test results will be held outside theRegional JusticeCenteron Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 9:00 am.



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