Watch the videos for Las Vegas City Council Ward 2 Endorsement Interviews

For Immediate Release:

Steve Sanson President of Veterans In Politics International 702 283 8088


Kristine Kuzemka Endorsed by the Veterans IN Politics International

Watch the videos for Las Vegas City Council Ward 2 Endorsement Interviews


 Las Vegas, NV. The Veterans In Politics International has conducted their endorsement interview at the Veteran Leisure Service Center in the heart of Ward 2.

 This interview process was moderated by Steven Ross Las Vegas City Councilman, the panel members were Karen Steelmon Auxiliary Director, William Brown Las Vegas Attorney, Jim Jonas Activist/Radio Host, Dr. Richard Hawkins Las Vegas Attorney, Rob Lauer US Army, Elizabeth Mercado Miss Greater Las Vegas, Cheryl Gardner US Marine, Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy Southern California Chapter President, Stanley Washington Veteran/Community Activist, Steven Nohrden US Army, Kathleen Vermillion former Henderson City Councilwoman, George Chehade Invocation, Michael Yepko Sgt-At-Arms.

 The Veterans In Politics International encourages all Ward 2 residents to go to the polls and vote intelligently for the candidate that will support your issues and concerns.

Please observe the videos below and you decide:  (Part 1)  (Part 2)     (Part 3)


For more information go to:




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