Veterans In Politics International endorses Kristine Kuzemka for Las Vegas City Council and fires back at attacks made by Jon Ralston host of Face to Face

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Karen Steelmon Veterans In Politics International Auxiliary Director 702-238-5134


Ward 2 Special Election for Las Vegas City Council heats up!


Veterans In Politics International endorses Kristine Kuzemka for Las Vegas City Council and fires back at attacks made by Jon Ralston host of Face to Face


Las Vegas Nevada on March 10th the Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) held a forum and invited all nine council candidates for Ward 2 to attend.  At the very beginning eight of the nine candidates meet the deadline to confirm their attendants with the exception of Bruce Gale.

After a press release was sent out to the public Mr. Gale attempted to confirm his attendance. The VIPI sent an email inviting Mr. Gale to be a member of the audience, but not as a candidate.  Mr. Gale had the same attitude when he was a candidate for Las Vegas City Municipal Judge against Cedric Kerns in the last election. It is clear that Mr. Gale could not meet deadlines and follow simple instructions as a candidate and this task would be impossible as an elected official.

Anthony Ruggiero rescinded his attendance and decided that it would be most beneficial for him to walk his ward rather than meet with a veterans group that would be interviewing for an endorsement within his ward.  Mr. Ruggiero added that he supports military veterans, because he was in attendance at US Vets for a walk through with a member of the Veterans In Politics.  If that’s what it takes to support the veteran population everyone should be appalled by this statement.

The interviews were delayed because Bob Chinn, Sherese Holmes, and Ric Truesdell whom confirmed their attendance were not present at the respected time.  

VIPI contacted Bob Chinn who indicated that he would not make the interviews and he blamed his campaign for not getting in contact with VIPI.   It was Mr. Chinn who personally contacted VIPI by phone and email indicating that he would attend, adding that he looked forward to it. Maybe it was the $250 donation Mr. Chinn received from former District Attorney David Roger that changed his mind not to attend a VIPI event.

When VIPI attempted to contact Sherese Holmes a voice recording came on.  If a candidate fails to communicate for whatever the reason it is an indication they may fail as an elected official.

Ric Trusedell did attend however his campaign manager did indicate that Mr. Truesdell would be late prior to the event.  The problem is that Mr. Truesdell campaign manager indicated that Mr. Truesdell had a prior event, but when Mr. Truesdell showed up he was in a campaign T-Shirt and made reference that he was walking the ward.

As the interview progressed our Moderator Las Vegas City Councilman Steven Ross repeatedly had to inform the candidates to direct their answers to the panel.  Our panel member Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy asked Bob Beers; “why he stated in a 2009 interview that he was done with politics and now is a candidate for City Council”

Karen Steelmon another panel member asked Fayyaz Raja who is a member of the Use of Force Board and former member of the Citizen Review Board; “why is it that the two boards have never found Police Officers liable in a police shooting of Clark County civilians”.

Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy asked Ric Truesdell if he could name any Las Vegas citizen that he sided with over a Land Developer while being a member of the Planning Commission.  Mr. Truesdell started to name members of our community and Bob Beers echoed that “some of those private citizens have funded Mr. Truesdell campaign”.

Roberta Boyers also echoed that “Mr. Truesdell as a member of the Planning Commission has never meet with any home owners associations that she is a member of within Ward 2”. These are just some of the quotes and excitement that took place during our interview process.  The interviews will be downloaded to YouTube, Face book, and other network site within a few days.

VIPI endorses Kristine Kuzemka for Las Vegas City Council

After a vote amongst our membership and panel members we feel that Kristine Kuzemka has demonstrated the ability to be nonbiased to anyone and any political organization. Ms. Kuzemka is a strong advocate for the citizens of Las Vegas and she is not beholding to anyone except the citizens of Ward 2. It gives us great pleasure to announce that Kristine Kuzemka is the recipient of our endorsement. For more information about Ms. Kuzemka go to

VIPI fires back at attacks made by Jon Ralston host of Face to Face

Jon Ralston decided to attack VIPI without cause stating in a tweet that “VIPI had no credibility”. VIPI President responded to the attack indicating that Mr. Ralston is basically self serving, only brave when he is in front of a microphone, and he should thank the men and women of our military past and present for given him the constitutional right of free press.

Mr. Ralston decided to write the following article in response, “Special Vegas council election could be very special” see article:

Mr. Ralston decided to take a negative stance against VIPI announcing that we have few members and then announcing that he has not seeing a member list because we would not provide one to him.  Then the question would be; how could he say we have few members without actually having a list provided?

Mr. Ralston then continues by saying that the groups ‘boss’ VIPI President Steve Sanson was arrested on gun charges.  But what Mr. Ralston failed to do is mention that the weapons charges were dismissed, all weapons were returned to Mr. Sanson, counseled weapons permit is reinstated, and renewed after the incident.

This is the type of one sided, passive aggressive reporting Mr. Ralston has continued to do year after year. Mr. Ralston has a history of only inviting certain candidates and elected officials on his program without inviting all candidates that have filed for office like the VIPI does in every election.

Mr. Ralston has the audacity to talk about Mr. Sanson’s dismissed gun charges, but he fails to mention his Drunk Driving Arrest several years ago that he was convicted of.

Mr. Ralston added that the attack made against former District Attorney David Roger and Sheriff Douglas Gillespie by VIPI has nothing to do with veteran’s issues.

Let me remind Mr. Ralston that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police shoot and killed two Army Veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the former District Attorney was investigating police shooting while negotiating for a job with the Police Protective Association (PPA), “could you say conflict of interest”. In addition to this VIPI has members that are police officers and they do not want to be associated with bad police officers and bad leadership.  I would say this is a huge Veterans issue due to the fact that PTSD amongst our Vets is a primary concern and the handling of these men and woman by the police department is currently failing.  

Jack Howard judicial candidate made reference to receiving the endorsement from VIPI several years ago on Face to Face and Mr. Ralston then stated that veterans should not be involved with judicial races. Mr. Ralston should be reminded that veterans most frequently are in front of a judge and we have the right to be involved in any elected process. This is the very reason VIPI is instrumental in having a Veterans Court signed into law in 2009. 

Mr. Ralston is only out for himself, he gets paid to do what he does, and he has neither community nor military service.  It appears that he does what he does to make himself look good in an effort to obtain high ratings, shooting others down without knowing the facts.

You cannot blame former Nevada State Governor Jim Gibbons and former Las Vegas City Mayor Oscar Goodman for boycotting Face to Face with Jon Ralston.

Mr. Ralston should be reminded that we are American’s first and any issue affecting Americans especially our military veteran population the VIPI will be involved.

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