Host Committee and VIP members;

Host Committee and VIP members;
Thanksgiving has past, and we had time to reflect on all the things we are grateful for.  Soon Christmas will be here, giving  gifts and spending time with our families.  Then New Years celebrations full of hope for the coming year.
I want to remind you all, through all the coming festivities, we have all made an commitment to the Veterans In Politics and the Valentines Ball and Gala.
Veterans In Politics was founded in 1994 to keep those who fought for our country’s freedoms involved in its political direction.  Since 2004, under the leadership of Steve Sanson, the organization has forged new political paths and established very strong ties to our local and national political communities.   VIP has been immensely instrumental and supportive in many of the careers of our local legislative and judicial officials.  Veterans In Politics now prides itself with transparency, an unprecedented endorsement success rate, comprehensive educational tools that are beneficial not just to VIP members, but the general public as well, and offering unwavering public support to candidates who prove to be of quality character.  VIP has a well earned and highly respected political voice.
VIP members are entitled to take advantage of the benefits of being a member, and should not hesitate to fulfill duties promised.  Local officials whom VIP has championed have enjoyed all the benefits of being publicly endorsed by an influential veterans group.  Many promises and pledges have been made to Veterans In Politics.  I am now calling upon those public officials and  VIP members to fulfill those promises.
Veterans Valentines Ball and Gala speakers, performers, dinner, music, decoration, and all other arrangements have been made.  Pledged Host Committee members need to secure their tables.  VIP Members whom have promised to volunteer need to finalize arrangements.  Our deadline is quickly approaching.  Moving the date from October 15 to February 11 allowed more time and should not be seen as a stumbling block.
Please fulfill your promises to Veterans In Politics, give thanks, and help us make this event a successful one that we will all benefit from.
Death or Victory.
Karen Steelmon
Veterans In Politics International, Inc.
Civilian Auxiliary Director
Events Coordinator


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