Veterans In Politics International wonders why teachers are being used as a whipping post to balance the budget!

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Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval rejected a bill funding education; should we put a price on Nevada’s children?

Veterans In Politics International wonders why teachers are being used as a whipping post to balance the budget!

Las Vegas Nevada is the fifth largest school district in the nation with a budget (FY 2011) 1,460,600,741.84, a student population of 303,448, over 37,000 employees, including teachers, support staff, administrators, and school police.
After looking at the Clark County School System District Employees Salary Database; Christine Forsberg a school nurse earns $94,634.64 while the national average salary of an Emergency Room Nurse is $64,680.00. School Police Officer James Harris earns $83,893.50 while the national average for a school police is $46,000.00. The base pay for a Clark County School teacher is $35,083.00 with an average of over $40,000.00 worth of student loans before they received their first pay check as a teacher.
The national average pay for a school teacher is as follows:
High School Teacher $43,648
Middle School Teacher $42,353
Elementary School Teacher $40,410
Special Education, Preschool, and Kindergarten Teachers $40,877

After looking at the Salary Database for the Clark County School District we are paying Administrators Coordinators, Academic Managers, and Directors over six figures in annual salary. We understand all of these job descriptions contribute to educating our children, but what about the teachers that is directly in the classroom?
We talk about a strong Nevada, but with an uneducated work force business will shy away from our state in droves. What business owner would want to bring their children to an education system that ranks 49th out of 50th? What business would want to employee an uneducated work force? If we want to attract business to our state and improve our economy we need to have an attractive education program for our children. We have a decrease in dropout rates amongst high school students according to reports, but an increase in home schooling.
Teachers are always the first to be cut from the budget almost everyone is scared to take on the police and fire fighters union fearing their re-election ticket might be in jeopardy.
We are not saying that these two professions are not a necessity what we are saying is that teachers are used as whipping post to balance the budget. If we have to cut the education budget we should start with the six figure salary holders, not the teachers that are struggling to support themselves and their families.
Teachers should not have to worry about paying their bills; they should be focused on educating our children. If we did this we would not have to worry about seniority vs. quality teachers. The idea of restructuring the education system by taking away tenure can lead to many problems. This now puts the power to fire teachers in the hands of those outside our education system, giving little protection to a self sacrificing professional.
How about having other teaches be in charge of other teachers. The teaching profession is the only professional entity that is not run by its own. Doctors are taught and guided by other doctors, lawyers are taught and guided by other lawyers, and even the police and firemen/woman are taught and guided by their own. How about a different system by changing the infrastructure of who is in charge. What is not talked about is how teaching is a unique job in which they are paid by the government, are the most over educated and under paid professional population, self sacrificing, not to mention they have the responsibility to teach our children.
One more area that needs be looked in regards to this uneducated idea of getting rid of tenure and that is how other factors absolutely come into play like the following: parent involvement, the socioeconomic issues at each school, drugs and behavior problems within our school, the ridiculous testing standards in the face of all the above when testing and scores are not even correlated to how successful a young adult does in college. So our education system and how it is run is not working, how can we allow such uneducated decisions be made to make changes that would make things worse. Why not ask the teacher on how restructuring should happen!
How about different ideas like motivating, supporting and refreshing our teaching system by allowing other teacher to exchange ideas with new modes and techniques in the class room instead of penalizing our teachers.
Teachers are leaving our state in record numbers and quality teachers are changing career fields. We do not need these types of actions to happen within our state. With overcrowding classrooms and in a technological world we need all the help that we can get, not just have a strong Nevada, but a strong America.

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