RE: SB356 Stolen Valor

RE: SB356 Stolen Valor

Attention: Members of the Nevada State Senate Judiciary Committee

Veterans In Politics International is in support of Senate Bill 356, Stolen Valor. Thank you for recognizing how important this bill is to our Nevada veterans.
The Stolen Valor Act of 2005 was signed into law by US President George Bush in December 2006 this law broadens the provisions of previous Federal Laws addressing unauthorized wear of any military decorations and medals.
Our veterans have sacrificed so much to obtain freedom and democracy and they have received little recognition for their heroism and service to our country.
It is a travesty for anyone to impersonate a military veteran and/or falsifying any military awards or decorations. We recognized stolen valor, no different from impersonating a police officer or federal agent.
Nevada should be able to keep records of our veterans by asking them to place their DD214 (military separation papers) by recording it with their local recorder’s office, every military separation papers list all awards, decorations, and time in service of the service member.
Fraud of a military award and/or decoration has cost our government hundreds of thousands of dollars. Once this law is enforced in our state it would be a cost savings and the phonies will be uncovered.
To learn more about Stolen Valor please click onto: this website would reiterate how important this law is to our state.
We look forward for SB356 becoming law during this legislative session.

Thank you
Steve Sanson
President of Veterans In Politics International
702 283 8088



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