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Candidate Seeks New Legislation to Change Eligibility For Posthumous Rights

Las Vegas, NV – May 7, 2010 – “We need a state law that prevents illegal immigrants from inheriting property from other illegal immigrants,” said Steve Sanson, a Republican candidate running for Clark County Public Administrator.   The Office that Sanson is seeking does not currently check the legal status of the deceased, and it grants illegal immigrants full posthumous rights as American citizens.   Sanson says once elected, he will make the Office run more efficiently and save taxpayers money, provided he can get state lawmakers to pass legislation addressing illegal immigrants and burial rights.

Sanson is proposing a law that would require the Public Administrator’s office to check the legal status of the deceased and change the eligibility guidelines for county-funded burial, cremation and funeral expenses.  The average county-funded burial costs about $1200.  The law would also allow the County to seize all assets belonging to deceased illegal immigrants and liquidate the assets in auction. On average, the Office also pays $55 per hour for twelve hours of services to clean up the property of the deceased. 

The Public Administrator’s Office is responsible for handling the property and remains of the deceased and becomes the executor of the estate for anyone who dies without a will.  According to the most recent U.S. Census, there are 1,855,746 people living in Clark County and about 200,000 of them are illegal immigrants.  Sanson says these numbers alone show the drain illegal immigration is putting on the County.

 “Since they do not currently check legal status, there is no way of knowing how many illegal immigrants pass through the Public Administrator’s office each year,” Steve said.  “I believe that the percentage of illegal immigrants is probably considerably higher, since it is unlikely that very many illegal immigrants have trusts or living wills.   Just looking at the illegal immigrant population here, the burden on the County to pay for the deceased must be significant, ” he said.

About Steve Sanson, Republican Candidate for Clark County Public Administrator:

Steve has been working side by side with civic leaders in Las Vegas for decades.  He is the president of Veterans in Politics, a member of the NAACP and a board member of the Asian Republicans of Nevada.  He believes it is time for a real, grassroots leader to bring the people’s voice to Clark County.  Steve Sanson learned the meaning of leadership while serving as a Marine during Desert Storm.  He wants to bring that leadership to the Office of Public Administrator, by educating the people of Clark County about wills, trusts and probate.  Steve believes you deserve the peace of mind knowing that your family is taken care of.


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