The Veterans In Politics Judicial Endorsement Interview

The Veterans In Politics Judicial Endorsement Interview

Citizens of Southern Nevada we know that when you go to the voting booth to cast your vote for judge you are unsure who the candidates are.

The Veterans In Politics International is giving you an opportunity to see your judicial candidates in our Judicial Endorsement Interview.

Judicial Endorsement Interview will also be aired live on and open to the public to sit and watch the judicial candidates as they answer questions given by our membership.

Be more educated when you go to the voting booth.

On Saturday, February 23, 2008, beginning at 9:00AM ending at 3:15PM.

The location will be at the Marine Corps League Leather Neck Club located at 4360 West Spring Mountain Road at the Northeast corner of Spring Mountain Road and Arvile in the same shopping center with American Shooters for direction contact
(702) 368-1775.

Each judicial candidate has a specific time when they will be interviewed. If you are interested in a particular judicial candidate please take a look at the time each judicial candidate will be interviewed.

Court                            Time

District Court Department 3            9:00-9:15AM
District Court Department 6            9:15-9:30AM
District Court Department 7            9:30-9:45AM
District Court Department 8            9:45-10:00AM
District Court Department 10            10:00-10:15AM
District Court Department 12            10:15-10:30AM
District Court Department 14            10:30-10:45AM
District Court Department 17            10:45-11:00AM
District Court Department 22            11:00-11:15AM
District Court Department 23            11:15-11:30AM
District Court Department 25            11:30-11:45AM
Family Court Department G            11:45-12:00PM
Family Court Department I            12:00-12:15PM
Family Court Department J            12:15-12:30PM
Family Court Department K            12:30-12:45PM
Family Court Department L            12:45-1:00PM
Family Court Department N            1:00-1:15PM
Family Court Department O                1:15-1:30PM
Family Court Department P                1:30-1:45PM
Family Court Department Q                1:45-2:00PM
Family Court Department R                2:00-2:15PM
Henderson Justice of the Peace Dept. 3        2:15-2:30PM
Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Dept. 11        2:30-2:45PM
Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Dept. 12        2:45-3:00PM
North Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Dept. 3    3:00-3:15PM

Hosted by: Veterans In Politics International
PO BOX 28211/Las Vegas, NV. 89126: POC//Steve Sanson (702)283-8088



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