veteran insurance card

      December 1, 2007 To: The Editor: Subject: Veterans impatient with pace of Veteran Administration (VA) medical facility project Las Vegas-Nevada--In response to a report done by Steve Tetreault of the Washington Bureau on November 30, 2007.  The VA Hospital in Southern Nevada located on Martin Luther King Blvd. and Owens was condemned in 2003 listed as unsafe to occupy.   There was no back up plane to facilitate the growing number of veterans populating Clark County, Nevada. Veterans have to go from one clinic to the next to receive all the health care that they need, because the Veteran Clinics do not provide all of the medical attention a veteran needs.  Veterans are put on several different types of medications given to them by each clinic sometimes the clinic do not know the different medications that are administered to the veteran by the other clinics. If a veteran needs surgery the VA transport the veteran to the closest state such as California to their VA Hospital. Only the veteran transportation is being paid for, the family and friends of a veteran have to come up with the cost out of their own pocket.  Sometimes the family and friends of a veteran cannot afford it and the veteran is a stranger in that hospital without his or her support system.  Some veterans are old and frail and the long transportation puts them at greater risk. In some states the closes VA Hospital are hundreds of miles away while the veteran passes by several private and state run hospitals that could facilitate their needs.  The VA Hospital that is slowly being built in Southern Nevada is in the middle of nowhere, I can imagine transportation difficulties already. This VA Hospital will only have 120 beds, we already have outgrown this hospital and it’s not even built. With a veteran population in Nevada at over 215,000. Staffing is also going to be a problem we have a major problem keeping doctors and nurses in Nevada already especially at UMC. The VA Hospital is not going to attract top quality nurses and doctors, because of pay. Especially when the private hospitals are offering sign in bonuses.        Spring Valley Hospital confirmed it took 18 months "start to finish" to build the facility on South Rainbow. It opened in October 2003 with 210 beds at a $70 million cost, according to the hospital's Web site.  Centennial Hills Hospital located on Durango Drive between North 95 and the 215 Beltway did their ground breaking months after the VA Hospital did theirs in October 2006.  According to Centennial Hills Hospital website they will open their doors in early 2008 with 165 beds and their cost is approximately $100 million dollars.  Why in 2004 Nevada politicians told their constituents at a VA Ceremony that the VA Hospital will open in 2009 and the cost to tax payers would be about $200 million and we were told that the money is already allocated for this project.  In 2006 at a VA Ground Breaking the same politicians told their constituents that the VA Hospital would now cost over $400 million dollars to tax payers and it would now open in 2011.   Now, in 2007 we find out that this same hospital is costing tax payers over $600 million dollars, to date only a small administration building has been built 13 months after the ground breaking ceremony. In addition, the land was donated to build this VA Hospital unlike the two hospitals mentioned above and the cost to build this VA Hospital still exceeds the two hospitals mentioned. It sounds to me that the longer this hospital takes to be build the more materials cost each year. When contracts are put out to be bid on in an effort to build this hospital somebody most have picked the slowest contractor. It takes anywhere between 12 months to 18 months from start to finish to build a private hospital why is it taken 60 months (5 years) for a VA Hospital? A Veteran Insurance Card can save American tax payers money and not inconvenient our veterans. Insuring them to pick and choice their own doctors and nurses right next to their home or work and not waiting 8 years for a facility to be built like the VA Hospital in Southern Nevada. Eliminating most VA Hospitals and Clinics would save money on permits, staffing, equipment, real-estate, utilities, and so much more to run the day to day operation of a facility.   We can take these savings and put back into the health care system to care for our veterans especially those that are returning home injured today.           I have submitted in writing to the US Congress and US Senate members that are on the Veterans Affairs Committee and all US Presidential Candidates to put forth a bill that can implement this plan. Respectfully Submitted By;   Steve SansonPresident of Veterans In Politics International, Inc.www.VeteransInPolitics.com702 283 8088


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