Empowering Women!

Empowering Women!

By Steve William Sanson


Women have come a long way since the dark ages of insecure men.  Women have become doctors, lawyers, judges, police officers, Leaders of Countries, and most recently combat veterans.  Although women do not have the physical strength of men, they have mental strength, courage, and the ability to overcome.

However, this is a threat to the insecure men of our time, whom may have a very dim view on women. Some men would suggest that a women’s place is in the home “bare foot and pregnant”.

Women have made a giant leap into today’s society proven that they have the leadership and education to overcome all obstacles. Women have been fighting for their rights as long as black America has been fighting for their civil rights.  There are 3-4 million women in this country that are victims of domestic violence.

Some men have a problem and they like to control their relationships by the use of physical abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, financial abuse, and many other unhealthy means of controlling a relationship.

These men, at times also have addiction or additional issues such as: alcoholism, gambling, child abuse, drug abuse, mistreating animals, infidelity, destruction of property, molestation, depression, rape, excessive spending, over or under eating, loss of love for oneself, and many other forms of an unhealthy behavior.

These self destructive behaviors rip up the foundation of a healthy relationship. We all know that in today’s society relationships are formed in many ways and domestic violence does not mean a women being a victim anymore.

Family is sometimes the beginning of the end for some people. We start out by taking the one we love to be the person we would like to spend the rest of our life with, to be happy for ever and to grow old with. This is the same family we destroy; domestic violence sometimes ends with murder and suicide or both.  Sad but true sometimes we hurt the ones we love.

Yes, domestic violence is an epidemic that is poisoning our society. We can stand by and let it control us or we can do something about it.

Deborah Vick was my guest on Face the Tribune on July 21st. Vick is a 14 year resident of Las Vegas and she is holding a charitable event in Las Vegas at the JW Marriott Hotel and Casino on Saturday October 6, 2007 from 1-3PM in their Aqua Spa location for Safe Nest.  Safe Nest is a non-profit organization that is a safe haven for women of domestic violence. 

Vick explains that Safe Nest will make accommodations for children, pets, and personal properties of the female victim.  These are some of the reasons why women stay in an abusive relationship, because they believe that no one will facilitate their children and their family pets.  Most women do not want to leave their children and pets behind with the abuser.

Vick explains that the charitable event is for women only, a two hour workshop teaching Yoga and belly dancing techniques. Whatever you donate for the workshop will be accepted there are no set fees all proceeds will go to Safe Nest. This workshop is to teach women to be connected with their body. Vick believes that this is a form of therapy. Vick is a dancer and she believes that dance is an awareness to help you get connected with your body.

Vick explains that the best way to avoid domestic violence is to listen to yourself, listen to that inner voice that tells you things are not right. The best way to avoid abuse is to learn what abuse is.

Vick explains that jealousy is one of the first cycles that take place, an early warning sign that identifies something is wrong in your relationship. Vick also encourages women to listen to your family members. Families usually recognize the warning signs of domestic violence, signs that you do not recognize.

Vick became aware of Safe Nest over ten years ago when she was in a domestic violence situation.  There are no border lines for domestic violence; this epidemic affects all races of people. You have to educate yourself on domestic violence to become aware of it and then you have to admit that there is a problem.

Vick states that a victim is a person with no control. We must take control of ourselves and deal with a problem as they come to fruition.  Vick encourages women to go onto the Safe Nest website at: http://www.safenest.org and phone number (702) 646-4981, become educated and proactive.

 Everyday four women die of domestic violence by their intermit partners in this country. Vick explains that some relationships are about power and control. You need to gain or regain the power and control within yourself in order to find your own destiny.

Vick explains that you need to have a game plan to get yourself out of the fear factor to be able to move forward without your significant other or spouse.

To contact Deborah Vick phone her at (702) 379-5837.

Note: You can listen to the archived broadcast of Sanson’s interview with Deborah Vick at www.AllTalkRadio.net. Scroll down to “Face the Tribune” and click onto Full Program, then look for Show Archives on your right and click onto July 21, 2007.

E-mail: SteveWSanson@cs.com phone (702) 283-8088

Website: www.VeteransInPolitics.com.


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